H4H - Crap Service with clickandbuy

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by Range_Gopher, May 25, 2009.

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  1. On 31 Mar 09 via the H4H website in The Sun using clickandbuy I decided to donate money to H4H and at the same time I took the liberty of ordering a couple of wristbands from them too. The money went out of my account the next day.

    On 12 May 09 I asked them where my wristbands were (the website asks for 28 days posting time). I got an instant reply from the H4H website telling me to contact their rep at clickandbuy.

    So I did.....on the 13 May. I sent another Email on 20 May.....I'm still waiting..... 8O

    Why is it that such crap service is provided for such a worthy cause? I didn't even get a stalling Email whilst they looked into my order!

    How many civvies have been at the end of such service and are now thinking,

    "If that's the type of service that you get from H4H then I'm not donating or ordering anything again"

    If you're in Sennelager and your wristband has gone missing, I've probably nicked it, cos I'm damned if I'm ever gonna order one again.

    Rip off barstewards :x Rant over.......
  2. Sadly it would appear as with any on-line service sometimes people slip through the net, I've on occasion signed up for alerts to let me know when things go back in stock and never got an alert, I also e-mailed their on-line feedback form to ask if they have considered or are considering doing any of their t-shirts/ wrist bands etc in child sizes and alas have yet to get a reply.

    It would be a shame for people to be put off by a poor service, but then if I avoided every shop/restaurant or pub that gave me bad service I'd never go anywhere or buy anything!
  3. Can you still order the wristbands by text?
  4. What's going on, over at H4H?