H4h clothing - Can anyone help?

Discussion in 'Charities and Welfare' started by pegasus797, Jan 11, 2011.

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  1. Hi, I need a bit of help or a pointer in the right direction.

    Last year, the wife and I bought a childrens clothes shop and we have a cellar with rails full of old stock, boys and girls stuff, jeans, tops, t-shirts, etc from different designers. The stuff is a couple of years old, never been worn but in good condition so we don't want to throw it out, nor are we interested in boxing and sending it to some third world country or giving it to the red cross shop for the chavs to have a field day.

    What I want to know is, does anyone know anybody working for a forces charity or other that I can contact so this stuff goes to those who really need it? We would like to donate this to a good cause supporting the families of the fallen, people who would appreciate the help but google searches have come up negative.

    If you know anyone, know of a worthy charity or can offer some advice, we'd appreciate a PM!!!

    Thanks for Reading and Happy New Year.
  2. A quick bump if anyone can help?
  3. HI what about putting it on Ebay and donating the proceeds to H4H i know a mate of mine that sells his daughters clothes on Ebay and does quite well out of it sells em as bundles ie 2 pairs of jeans etc hope this might be of help
  4. Thanks for the reply. Have considered this as we've got an eBay traders account and have also sold alot of excess stock that way too, but individually the costs per item would seriously dent any financial capital raised for an adequate donation and due to the economy, there are alot of clothing businesses going under and alot of bulk clothing items to go up against, and again, the capital raised would only be small.

    What I would prefer to do is give it as a bulk item to a forces charity that has families they could divide it to. I'm not saying the families don't see any of the money, but I know a child or parent would appreciate the gesture of designer clothing items alot more.
  5. Ask Porridge Gun, he'll know a worthy cause through Holidays4Heroes & SSAFA
  6. Do not the major Garrisons have WRVS/HIVE/Wife Clubs type of second hand/charity/reuse shop etc.

    Donate the job lot to them to price up/distriuate to the other Garrisons/Wife Clubs and have a divison of the proceeds between themself and say Hols4heros/RBL etc.

    You clear your stocks, The Wife Clubs/WRVS make some money, get a bargin, and have some fun if it was done as say a fashion show etc and the noninated charity gets a cash donation.

    There must be some enterprising Wife Clubs in the Garrisons who could run this.
  7. Thanks for the response guys. I'll try porridge gun and holidays for heroes. Think I'll keep away from the garrison and wives club route as I'm not interested in any financial gain and not sure I want someone else to gain financially either, just want to pass the bulk lot over as one donation knowing we've helped a worthy cause and there are families all the better off for it.