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Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents,

I'm here to ask for help in the organising of an event for Help4Heros.

A little background. My mother is a community development officer on a rough housing estate on the south coast. This estate has a reputation as a dodgy area, with high crime rates and high levels of drugs and poverty. Over the last through years a number of projects have improved the lives of the residents, and involved all the local elements (Council, Police, Housing Associations, Health Authority, Navy etc). I know this estate very well, as a child I grew up there when it was at the height of it's problems. It has improved a lot. One more thing about the estate, it has a lot of ex-forces families living there and provides SSAFA with a lot of work.

One of the things that my mums team has introduced to this estate is an annual summer carnival and fair. The event has two benefits, first of all it engenders a community spirit and gives the local kids and families some fun. It has things to do for all ages, and even the local chavs behave themselves for the day. Secondly, each year they choose a charity to raise funds for.

Next year (2009) they have decided that the charity will be H4H. Now realistically this isn't going to raise mega-bucks, but it will give exposure of a vital charity to sections of society who otherwise would probably not care. It also may help the youngsters on the estate to consider a forces career. As well as the obvious, it will be yet another area of society who may benefit from a professional re-introduction to the military.

However, and this is what i'm posting for, what would be really good would be to get some displays etc down for the event.
An AFV, truck or helichopper for the locals to look round, some squaddies for the kids to talk to, anything like this would help. Maybe even some recruitment teams. Also if some of the residents of Headly Court were interested in talking to the residents thus explaining the importance of H4H they would be more than welcome.

However anything would help, and some big boys toys would look really good. Remember when you were kids, the sight of something monstrous, armoured and green was enough to give you goosebumps. Well believe it or not, for most youngsters nothing has changed.

Also, if anybody knows of any celebs who are H4H supporters and would also assist in this endeavour then could you pass on details for them as well. Obviously the Great Lord J Clarkson, or his protege Trooper Ross 'Henno' Kemp SAS would not come to an event like this, but any famous individual (by famous I mean someone who may have appeared on the TV once in 1973 but has a declared interest in H4H) who would appear for free and formally open the event would be welcome.

I'm serving RAF, and am gonna use my contacts/knowledge, and e-goat, and see if my lot can help as well.

Realistically, all i'm after atm is advice/contact details to pass on to my mum, so she can make the official enquiries. The Navy are already well represented in the local area so there is no need for me to try this route with them as she already knows the local community relations officer.

If anybody has some other ideas how we can help this community event then please let me know. Any contacts within community relations teams from the various regts/corps would be gratefully recieved.

Many thanks in advance.


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Might I suggest you contact your local Forces recruitment office. We recentlly had a similar event and they came up with some good stands local Regiment stand paintball range etc.We also had a Merlin and a Warrior turn up but i think that was through a more informal arrangement.
Ill try and find out what contacts they used.
Good luck Mate.

If the event is Leigh Park as has already been mooted don't forget about the local resident batallion at Thorney Island, I was there when it was RA and they used to put on a full hosted weekend of entertainment for the 'locals' and it made a sh@@ging killing for the PRI, big time. Think the unit has arms plotted but the new one may still be able to help out, it can't help asking and you may find the RA will help as alot of the lads from Thorney settled in Leigh Park.




The gigs not in Leigh Park, but the Thorney Island bn might be a good start. Have you got any details for who I should contact.


There's the tricky part. Firstly I'd try the RSM, it realistically was their baby as it was the Sgt's Mess bringing in most of the dosh. If they can't help the Regt Acct should have all the old records and receipts for the main players. After that try the stables, fairly certain old RA guys who were heavily involved would have stayed when the Unit moved. If all that fails maybe advertising in the local rag around Emsworth, lots of RA guys settled in the area as that Unit simply didn't move for years, not a great deal of places you can send Air Def I suppose.

If you need anymore please ask.


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