H4H Charity Event - Mission Impossible. Shameless Plug

Fellow ARRSERs, rather than give my normal ARRSE identity away I have created this new account for this shameless plug:

Clicky for those not interested in the guff - just want to sponsor this event!!!

Having been inspired by the sterling work all of the supporters of Help For Heroes, it is my intent to conduct a charity event for H4H to raise funds.

As a result, I have organised an event with some guys at work that we are calling "Mission Impossible", loosely based on the Rowallan Company exercise.

The team will go on the run for 24 hours with no mobile phones, wallets or anything else!! Of course, they will keep their clothes and will have a valid ID Card and a letter saying they are raising money for Help For Heroes.

Our current target is to raise over £2000.

They will be given 5 tasks to achieve in the 24 hours culminating by meeting at the Help For Heroes Challenge Rugby Match on 20 Sep 08, but they don't know what they are yet!! These can be anything from getting a celebrity's autograph to scoring a try at Twickenham!!

Therefore, I ask for your support at this Clicky here.....
to sponsor us. Many Thanks in anticipation.


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Sponsored you. Good luck and put some pictures up when they have done the tasks!!!!

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