H4H Battlefield Bike Ride 2009

As some of you may know, Help For Heroes are organising a bike ride from Portsmouth to Paris via the Battlefields of France in late May. Check out the link below if anyone is interested in joining in...


There are meant to be 350 spaces availiable for the ride, many of which will be taken by current servicemen, including some of those wounded in Iraq and Afghanistan. I will be joining them, and am aiming to raise £2500 towards this excellent cause. It should be a humbling experience to ride alongside such fine individuals, and one which i for one will treasure.

If anyone is interested in joining me on the ride, drop me a PM. Likewise, if anyone wishes to join me in some training, i am based in the South East, nearish Gatwick Airport and am keen to get as many miles under my belt in preparation.

If anyone can spare some monies, please check out the below. Every penny counts! :D



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'Came out of the hat'? You mean it was on a ballot basis? God knows how i got in then, i only sent my Registration off on Thursday!!


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The truth is they didn't want me :pissedoff: - I'm just having trouble accepting it :D

As I say, for most people who don't have a huge business network to armtwist, tapping all your mates for sponsorship and thinking up fun ways of raising the cash is most of the battle.

Try the Face book groups or the H4H forums to find out if there's anyone local to you training......I'm very jealous !


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