H4H Band of Brothers Bike Ride 2009

Hi, first post so be gentle with me please :oops: ,

I took part in last years bike ride in france and managed to blag and otherwise coax a fair sum of money from friends and family. Fast fwds 12 months and now getting out on the old boneshaker again ready for this year. Fundraising is much more of an issue this year and friends + family bled dry last year.

So after a bit of advice-

I have been lucky enough to have been given a copy of Ed Macey's book Apache that he will personalise and sign. Where do you think the best place to auction it is ? Ebay springs to mind but is that the place that will realise the most money ? thought about putting a post on here somewhere, but is it right to be raising money from service personnel for a service charity ?

Ed Macey has been an absolute star , not only donated the book but was first to donate to my fundraising page at www.justgiving.com/grahamcole sorry unashamed plug, anything is worth a go :wink:

Look forwards to any advice and ideas.

Thanks Graham
I'd say put it on Ebay as well. It's not so much an issue on here about taking money from Service guys for a service charity, it's just that Ebay is a larger audience, therefore more money.

Make sure (and I know that "Ed" wouldn't mind :) ) that you put in the title things like Afghanistan, Military Cross, MC, AAC, Army Air Corps, Royal Marines, RM, Ed Macy, Apache etc.

All of those tags will attract some of the more "colourful" Ebay military bidders.

Besides, he called me a "cr*p shot" in NI, so he can ram his signature up his arrse :)
Aunty Stella- "Ed" did tell me he would write anything the winner wanted inside the book cover and sign it , buy the book and you can have it in black and white signed by "Ed" that he was "mistaken" all those years ago with his comment on your no doubt excellent shooting :lol:


Just out of interest what sort of terrain is the H4H bike ride? As i work in a bike shop and im sure we would all like to join in. Thanks

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