H4H auction: Unique letter cards set SUPERDAD (4th design)

I just realised that you guys are a bit behind. Father's Day has taken place here on 21st of May.
But for you it will be 21st of June.
And I thought to myself, why not having a wonderful letter card set for our 'Superdads'. :)

So here it is: The 4th design of a unique letter card set.
Always remember you can't get these anywhere else but here. So every set will be unique !

This is what it looks like:
(In the 2nd photo you can take a closer look at the 'SUPERDAD'.)

You'll get a set of ten letter cards (strong paper) and matching envelopes.
The cards are folded and both bears attached to the front, which means you got the entire inside as writing surface.
The cards show five of our typical bears wearing cloaks of various colours with 'SUPERDAD' imprinted, and you'll have two of each colour.
The bears are crafted in 3D technique as well as the smaller teddy bears on the right hand side.
Of course the cards as well as the envelopes have affixed the 'Holidays4Heroes' stamp.

Auction will end on Thursday the 11th of June 2200. (GMT)
(To make sure you will have the set in time for Father's Day.)

You know there's always an urgent case waiting for help.

So, grab the perfect Father's Day gift and show you stand for a good cause !!
These cards are great but not being a dad or a footy fan......Is there any way that you could do some personalised cards just saying

'love from ??????'
from ????

Just a thought but I'd be happy to pay for a set like that..(or have I missed them?)
Thanks for this fantastic idea, Ceecee.

It will definitely be one of the next designs. :)

And I still have loooots of ideas. So look out for further auctions.

Oh, and if anybody else has got an idea what s/he would like to see here, just give me a shout. Thx. :)
Just our of curiosity and the fact i dont read everything, has a letter set been made with "ARRSE" as a header?
With the new ARRSE logo?

Might be a seller!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If it hasnt, and one will be made, I will start the bidding with a tenner to be going on with.

And I dont mean a pavarotti.
Congratulations, Florence, the set is yours. :)

And thanks again for your bid.

Once the money is on the way to MDN's hamster fund, the cards will be right on the way to you.
Plesae PM me your address and I'll make sure you get the parcel in time for Father's Day. :)

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