H4H auction: Unique letter cards set (2nd design)

Now that the other auction is almost over,
here is another chance to get yourself a unique letter card set.

Like the 1st design you can't get these anywhere else but here. So every set will be unique.

This is what the 2nd design looks like:

The set consists of 10 letter cards and matching envelopes, all affixed the 'Holidays4Heroes' stamp.
The letter cards are of folded, strong, marmorate paper and the inner card has got an all-over-printing from the outside.
(Which is on top in the first photo, just to give you a chance to take a closer look at the 'flag bears'.)

And as you can see, you can choose between a British, English, Irish, Scottish and Welsh version.
Of course you can choose to have 5 Irish and 5 English eg or 2 of each. It's your free choice.

Auction will end on Wednesday the 3rd of June 2200. (GMT)

You know there's always an urgent case waiting for help.

So, use the paper cards no one else can get and show you stand for a good cause !!
Come on guys, you know you want to help.

So grab your very special 'English', 'Irish', Scottish' or 'Welsh' paper cards with the Holidays4Heroes stamp on them.
(And on the envelopes as well of course.)

And if you can't decide you can still have the 'British' one. ;)

(Edited for poor spelling. If you still find typos, you're allowed to keep them.)

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