H4H auction: Unique letter card set CAMBRIDGE UNITED (6th)

Here it is, the Holidays4Heroes 6th unique letter card set.
Thanks to Grownup_Rafbrat for the idea. :)

So this is what cards and envelopes look like:

You'll get a set of ten letter cards (strong paper) and envelopes.
The cards show our typical bears wearing Cambridge United jerseys, of course crafted in 3D technique.
The paper insert has 'bear paws on top and bottom and aside the paws small stamps of H4H and HTO.
Of course the cards as well as the envelopes have affixed the main 'Holidays4Heroes' stamp.

Auction will end on Monday the 15th of June 2200. (GMT)

You know there's always an urgent case waiting for help.

So, grab the Cambridge United letter card set and show you stand for a good cause !!


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YIM, I'll post this on our newsgroup - you may get more bids!!!

Many thanks


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I'll open the bidding at a crisp tenner.


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Just a little BUMP, folks. Surely you know a Cambridge United fan who would be delighted to use these lovely cards?
Just a morning bump folks. Surely I can't be the only fan of the Mighty Us on arrse!!!

Many thanks. I look forward to receiving them, and will send a crisp tenner to MDN's funds tomorrow.

The address is the same, although I have had an offer accepted on a new house, so I should be moving in July/August.

I'm thinking of a fundraising competition to name the new Brat Towers. So far the offspring has suggested 'Horsa House' and 'Burra Burrow'. I'm sure arrsers could do better than that!

THank you, dear lady.

I'll do the bank transfer to MDN tomorrow when I'm at home.
Bank Transfer done this morning, YIM. MDN will receive the dosh with the reference 'Beary Notepaper'.

Thanks for doing this. I'm sure it takes you hours!

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