H4H Auction Lunch with Minty and Cast Signed Albert Sq sign

Discussion in 'Charity Auctions' started by VanHelsing, Sep 5, 2009.

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  1. Up for Auction. All proceeds go to Hols 4 Heros.

    An Genuine Albert Square Sign Signed by the Eastenders cast
    Also the winner will collect said sign over a nice lunch for 2 with Minty Himself

    So come on people a lovely prezzie for your missus

    Will run for 2 weeks

    So come on, this is a rare opportunity to gain Brownie Points

    Things like this are a bit unique


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  2. I'll start you off on a tenner. My monster in law could use it to annoy my father in law.
  3. An early Sunday morning bump

    Get the OH something unique and raise money for Hols 4 Heros in the process.

  4. somebody out bid me, I can't stand the thought of being nice to the MIL.
    although the shock of it could kill her.........
  5. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

  6. Come on, one of these went for £1500 not so long ago and that was without the lunch.

    Let's see if we can get some real good bids in for his one. I'm sure the Missus won't mind.

    In fact it maybe one day she looks and finds you haven't bid for her 'Bestest Ever Christmas Present' :wink: :wink:

  7. You would tell her? You swine!

    £100 then...i need my bollocks for a second child.
  8. Thank you

    Would I inform the OH's.......mmmm....Yeah !!!! :lol: :lol:

  9. Has Fwuffy seen this yet?

    £120 as long as I can bring her for lunch with Minty and I would request that young Mr Harman be present, purely for research and letching purposes.
  10. hmmm...so it's a bidding war then? This auction business is testy...£125!!
  11. You fancy Minty? Or do you just want the sign?

    £130. :p
  12. Time to put the cat amongst the pigeons methinks! 200 quid!
  13. Evening Bump! :D

  14. I've actually had this sign in my grubby little mitts and have to say, it's a wonderful auction lot!

    Obviously I'd be more than happy to chaperone Sluggy on her Minty/Nigel (mmmm, Nigel) lunch though :D

  15. Mate, we need to empty our penny jars though, Spud is offering £200 for it. Howsabout we offer to let him have the sign, and we get Minty and Nigel (mmm, Nigel) for lunch?

    Sluggy, dognapper extraordinaire xxxx