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H4H auction - Bear and bare girl - Ended on £101

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Firstly, Thank you to Grownup_Rafbrat for the auction name :D

To follow on from the story of me and Cpl Arnhem on www.sgtslingsby.org I would like to offer 4 photos of myself to help raise funds for H4H.

If you want to know more about me you could read the thread I originally started http://www.arrse.co.uk/Forums/viewtopic/t=123326.html

The first photo will be the one below, and will be printed up as A4 size with a high gloss finish, I'm happy to sign the photo or not as the winner prefers. :)

The auction will run for 2 weeks and will close on Monday 17th Aug at 8pm, when I H4H have confirmation of payment I will send on the photo by recorded delivery.

Each photo will be different and this is the only photo that shows me with
Cpl Arnhem.

Every penny raised will go to H4H, I will cover the cost of the photo and posting myself.

Apologies if the pic is not large enough but you should get the idea :D



Book Reviewer
Well done Jodie, thanks for the credit for my idle idea, and


(Well, there are two bumps, it seems..... wanders off in middle-aged confusion ......)
Beautiful :twisted:

However the Grumpy fund is taken with my desperate need for an Escort MK1 / MK2 1300 cross flow engine :(

If anyone has one of those I'll hand over cash :D
I think we need a Jodie Appreciation thread for all she has done/doing for H4H and Sgt Slingsby!

Hot and charitable!

Plenty of Pictures of course! :wink: (sorry no offence Mumma G!)
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