H4H Auction. A pair of Purdeys. Ends midday 12/3/10.


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Here is your chance to own a pair of Purdey's (well sort of) and donate some cash to Hols4Heroes.

Up for grabs are a pair of original A3 black and white photographs of beautifully engraved James Purdey & Sons shotgun actions incorporating large scroll and game scenes. They are framed in walnut (like the Purdey stocks).

The pictures were not originally meant for sale and were used as patterns for Purdey engravers to copy, therefore they are totally unique. No other photographs of these particular actions exist.

They will come with a signed letter from the Purdey Factory Manager confirming their authenticity.

Please be aware before bidding, that I have cleaned the pictures up as much as possible, but due to the fact that they have spent the past 15 years unframed and in a factory environment, there is a very slight mark on the bottom left corner of one of them (bottom picture), however it is barely visible as you can see from the photos and it adds to the charm somewhat!


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Well if no one else wants them, they'd look great in my office:



Ravers said:
Alsacien said:
Ravers said:
That's the spirit chaps.
If the pound keeps dropping I may have to invest in the real thing....
Drop me a line and we'll talk ;)
It'll have to go a bit lower yet - the "relatively cheap" sporter is still over 30k.........of course if an old dusty hammer gun was getting in the way and nobody wanted it.... :)
Still a bargain at £70, and many, many thanks to Ravers for this fabulous auction item.

(If I hadn't just had to spend a fortune on boring old brakes for my car I'd be bidding myself. Blimmin' MOT certificates. Who needs 'em anyway?)


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Well impressed with the bidding so far.
Crikey! I take a day away from auctions and you lot produce some splendid bidding!

Thank you all very much. Any more?

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