H4H: A framed ARRSE Coin in tribute to Harry Patch (07.12.)

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[align=center]The Hols4Heroes 'All Be Over By Christmas' Auction Campaign

Here you get the fantastic chance to go for a

framed ARRSE Coin in tribute to Harry Patch.

A tribute to Harry Patch, 'The Last Tommy' features an ARRSE coin engraved with Harry's last three '295'.

A picture of Harry, a representative ribbon bar of his official medal ribbons, a brass plate engraved 'Harry Patch' 'The Last Tommy', a cap badge of the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry. All framed with a cut out at the rear to shoe the coin reverse and number.

The frame has been slightly damaged in transit but will be glued and stained before sending out. It doesn't show from the front now so will not show when on a wall, but we want to declare this and include the photo.

This is what it looks like:

The auction will run for one week.

So please make your bid before

Monday, 7th of December, 1300 hrs.

(Just to make sure, this is GMT. :D )

It is the time of year that everyone should have a good time, let's support those who need us.
You know you want to help, please do so !!
Some of the money raised will go to OP Santa, to let the children have a Merry Christmas, too.

With our best thanks to
UK Challenge Coins www.ukchallengecoins.com,
The Medal Mounting Shop www.themedalmountingshop.com and
Warminster Medal Framing www.warminstermedalframing.co.uk
for donating the item.


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How can we put a price on that, YIM?

I'll open the bidding with fifty pounds though.


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And a morning bump for this superb item.
75 quid
I wonder if it is worth contacting the Unit which would be the modern day "Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry"? this is worthy of adorning the wall of a Unit Museum/Cpls, Sgts, Officers Mess surely?

An excellent item and one that you can only hope will go for what it is worth.

Well Done also to MM on his part in getting this done.


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He'll have enough friends up there to be having more than one drink!
120 pounds from me.
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