H4H: A Brooklands RAF Biggles Bear about to retire

[align=center]Ladies and Gentlemen,

may I introduce you to John the Brooklands RAF Biggles Bear, who is about to retire and looking for a home.

If you think you are able to give him a decent home, some attention and a couple of pints every now and then,
please do not hesitate to bid in here !!

In this photo you can see John in his RAF officer's outfit. ;)

His height is about 24cm and so he won't occupy much space .

Of course the bear is as new as can be, after a long commission in the RAF.
He is a bear of the 'Brooklands Museum' collection.

So, if you can give him a home, please bid for him till
Tuesday, 15th of September, 2200 hrs.

(Just to make sure, this is GMT. :D )

I'm sure you all know that there is always an urgent cause like this one.

So, all you airforce personnel, please back one of yours !!!

What a nice idea. :thumright:

Thank you, CountryGal.

And so the highest bid is:

£50 from CountryGal

Anyone in the mood to say £51 ?? . .


Book Reviewer
I hope he ends up in a good home. Pte Helmand and Jodie have arrived in theirs, and are tucking into a good Bordeaux to recover from the journey. And it's not even teatime!!!!!!

Their new owner was very impressed with the signed pic of the human Jodie, too. Many thanks again for that, and Good Luck with your imminent competition!

Was that a BUMP? You know, I think it might have been....
[align=center]An evening BUMP

Looks like all RAF bears long to stay close to airports. . . .

And that's fantastic news, GRB.


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