H3 Limited Deployment ? Eh !

had a hearing test today and was told I was H3 in my left lughole, however will wait to see the Doc next week. What would that mean for Ops etc ? What I be classed as Limited Deployment only ? If so what that feck does that mean..........

I'm interested to hear (sorry) how this pans out. I have a similar hearing lose left ear only also H3.

First thing is don't panic. It may be that you have an ear infection or wax build up. The doc should examine your ear first. If you had been exposed to any noise (nightclub, IPod, loud radio or TV etc) within 16 hrs of the test, this will also affect the result. If your ears are clear, then you should be re-tested within a month and compare and contrast the audios. If the result remains the same, particularly with unilateral loss, then you should be referred to a Consultant ENT specialist and possible MRI scan in order to rule out any organic causes.
You haven't said, but it also depends on the hearing frequencies that are affected. Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) typically affects the high frequencies and presents with a notch at 3 and 4 Hz. If after the ENT and MRI, nothing is found, then you should be referred to the Institute of Naval Medicine for definitive formal audiometry testing and then to your Regional Occupational Health Team.
If after all this, it is confirmed that you have H3 hearing loss, depending upon the level and frequencies, you will be restricted to annual ACMT up to level II (GP & Zero) shoots and probably no patrolling and not allowed further forward than Main Operating bases. Hope all goes well.

Claims for excess wax............not sure that JPA has a button for that!!

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