H2N1 Out Break!

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by J_D, Oct 15, 2005.

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  1. J_D

    J_D LE


  2. so is it h2n1 or h5n1? what are you on about ?
  3. J_D

    J_D LE

    I'll go dye my hair blonde now!

    Edited: Sorry my bad! Didn't notice I had got it round wrong way or wrong fullstop!
  4. This bird flue is no joke, if it crosses over Millions will die.
    Thats Millions not a few thou as from King George's Raqi adventure.
  5. What millions of birds or millions of people? If you mean birds.... you could be right. If you mean people, there's a long way for the virus to go before that's a certainty.
  6. Its already crossed over..............60 people have already died from it.

    The WHO is playing down a pandemic but I've seem estimates of between 15 to 150 milllion humans dead (in the Broadsheets and other literature with proper science correspondats) if this thing takes hold.

    Porton Down'll be busy!!
  7. Two years ago the PM where I live told the visiting EU rep that there was no serious outbreak of bird flue in Thialand. Three days later after rep had left country he admitted massive outbreak and they was culling on a national scale.
    Start of last week the CP group The largest company here, announced that the new outbreak in Turkey was not the 'fatal' strain.
    Bare face lie's from 'Serious sourses' are part of life here. You can guess who controls The Chicken Farm and its massive overseas operations.

    Last year the local press reported a case of human to human transmision, it soon vanished from following editions.
    I will say again
    This bird flue is no joke, if it crosses over Millions will die.
    john in dull boring serious mood.
  8. I would have thought The Who would be more concerned that Keith Moon and John Entwhistle have both died and Pete Townshend is an alleged childhood violinist (kiddy fiddler).

    Come on musicians...get your priorities right!
  9. Well done cardinal getting this thread back to serious arrse matters
  10. You know the score :wink:

    Subtle humour is difficult though innit. Like the old Billy Connolly 'f*** off, he hinted' sketch.
  11. Think about these things for a second:

    1. Who is the more credible source? The WHO, or a bunch of journos eager to sell copy and advertising space?

    2. 60 people dead. 6,000,000,000 people still alive. Can we get a sense of perspective please?

    3. *Tinfoil hat on* There's also the argument that governments are using whatever threat there is as an excuse to further their own agendas. E.g. the French and others being v. quick to ban any kind of poultry import from certain countries. Then there's the old chestnut about people being more compliant in the face of a crisis.
  12. Crabtastic
    Not another Conspiracy theory i hope?
  13. Ah Billy C, yes Cardinal luved him ever since I heard him do the Crucfiction.
  14. All hail the Big Yin. And Cardinal Sin is an outstanding hero as well by the way.

    Actually, back to the story, remember that there is always that perceived wisdom that you engineer a crisis in order to allow you to crack down on it - or something 'rather convenient' (cue 'Doctor Evil' laugh).
  15. Bird Flu is further proof, if any were needed, that life's a bitch and God's a cnut.
    However, since BF is yet to mutate into a human to human transferrable killer, and since there won't be much I can do if/when it does start killing people, I'm not going to worry about it.
    It's also worth remembering that, in 1999, "experts" were predicting the end of the world due to the Millinium Bug.
    And we all know how that one turned out.