H18 Battle Camp; Barry Budden and Garelochhead

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Bravo_Bravo, Sep 24, 2012.

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  1. Split ATP this year, some chose to go to Cyprus, some chose Scotland, and the H18 cohort had no choice but to visit the Great Northern Desolation...

    The first week was range work i Barry Budden; starting off with eg. ACMT, then LMG and GPMG shoots. For maximum value the troops tabbed the 3-4 miles to and from the ranges each day with all the kit they'd need, which was useful of itself.

    Moved on to pairs F&M, ( Out of ammo? Fix swords!) then Fire Team and Section, then Platoon attacks - including live fire night attacks. From what I could see, individual skills improved rapidly. This was helped by the efforts of the PSIs who had high expectations of the troops and treated them accordingly. The current crop of PSIs are very, very good and highly experienced.






    Nine nervous soldiers, one very nervous DS...

    After a week in Barry Budden ( has the cash machine ALWAYS deducted £10 from each cash amount dispensed?) we moved to the Jewel of the North, Garelochhead. This was to be five days in the field dealing with all the delightful weather that area has to offer. The exercising troops lived under their bashas and took part in numerous harbour occupations, recce patrols, platoon attacks, advance to contact and eventually a deliberate attack after a six - seven k insertion. The weather was pretty atrocious and the troops at all levels where thoroughly tested.


    The last but one attack was over ground that looks like the pictures I've seen of the Falklands - and as per SOPs, the enemy where always uphill..

    DS walking the ground..


    Sitting in on the Training Conferances each night meant that I was able to see the amount of thought, care and consideration that went into each phase of the exercise. It was hugely demanding of the troops; a few where physically broken; lower limb injuries in the main but I have no doubt that the level of skills and self-confidence of each and every one of the exercising troop has increased markedly.
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  2. Excellent!

    Good luck on your deployment and stay safe...
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  3. So it was you lot that were the noisy buggers :)
  4. Having done a 2 year draft to Faslane, the only thing that cheered me up (apart from the draft order to leave) was watching Pongos go up to the training area - at least someone was more miserable than me.........
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  5. Photos now, I hope...

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  6. Maximum five guns firing at once.
  7. Why are you telling us this?
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  8. Is this a slightly more bone, self-produced version of the MoD_RSS feeds?

    "TA soldiers do soldiering"?
  9. To annoy you? :)
  10. Blogging about the work of an enabler...

    Still, I'd rather read about TA soldiers getting ready for tour than some crusty BOAR never has been reminiscing about SLRs, Yellow Handbag and Wolfgang and his bratty wagon.
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  11. It doesn't annoy me.

    It's just a bit like a "what I did this Summer" essay.

    Many, many people would be enthralled by talk of "advance to contact" and "5 guns firing at once", but just not people in the Army. Which this site is sort of aimed at...
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  12. msr

    msr LE

    **** off you boring little turd. These guys are off to Afghanistan on the next operational tour and BB has done his level best to prepare them for it.

  13. msr

    msr LE

    And as for a self-proclaimed ex-COS you can **** off too.
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  14. Crikey.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    The last two posts here actually sum up the reasons why I am on the verge of leaving the TA.

    We do our best and the so-called professionals have nothing better to do than have a dig on an internet forum. If this is how you are going to support the TA: good luck and welcome to your redundancy.