Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by the_beer_man, Mar 17, 2011.

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  1. Got warned off for H17 the other night.

    Is it normal to warned this far in advance as I've never had this much notice before? A little look around hasn't brought up what units are deploying and the best part of 20 months notice just seemed odd to me.

    Please bear in mind opsec before posting.

    Thanks, TBM.
  2. I left telic3 and was told after been back for 2 weeks about us been warned off for telic 7. So i guess so. Plus if your TA it does not matter what BDE it is you will just join on. At a guess.
  3. And if you're Inf then it takes about a year to do all the build up training (D.I.E.)so I'm led to believe.
  4. Yeh we started training last January for this up coming Herrick.
  5. Oh ok. Just seemed a long time that's all.
  6. 'Warned off' surely just means your unit is expecting to deploy x number of bods in 2012, not necessarily that you personally are going on a sandy holiday.

    We're sending 1+25 for 17 but are some way off putting names to pids.
  7. It is not uncommon to be told your unit is deploying with a large time gap until you mobilise. If you are infantry cap badge it is compulsory to completed the DIE weekends and Battle camps before you mobilise, this should take well over a year to complete. My battalion are deploying on HERRICK 15 and we started DIE training in January 2010, we still have More to go which should finish around the end of MAY. so your looking at about 18 months worth of training.

    I don't know how it works for non infantry capbadges but if anyone could let me know how they build up for mobilisation for HERRICK It would be much appreciated.
  8. From an RLC perspective pre-deployment consists of (roughly 6 months) build up training in unit to MATT 1 standard, etc followed by another 2-3 months of training on the opertional vehicle fleet with one of the Regular regts prior to mob through RTMC followed by deployment to BATUS for some follow on training on CLPs then away to theatre.
  9. Just asked for names whos willing to go. Not saying I'm expecting to go. Just wondered why the long timeframe but as has een explained it seems to be the norm.