H15 - Mobilisation

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by StabOfFire, Jan 10, 2011.

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  1. I'll start by saying this is my first tour, so I know nothing on how it works really.

    Allegedly we will be mobilising in June this year and for those of us who can count that's 5 months away. At this stage we've been told nothing other than "You'll mobilise in June". What I'd like to know (preferably from people who've mobilised H12 or H13) is when did you actually start getting briefed on the tour? Details like the following:

    -What your role in Reg Bn/Theatre will be?
    -Exact dates of mobilisation and deployment.
    -When you should start informing employers?

    All info appreciated.
  2. I'm in the same boat as StabOfFire. Anyone else who is Mobilising on Heriick 15 could you give us an insight of how up to speed you are with dates or roles ect.
  3. I stand by to be corrected but Herrick 15 is October 2011-April 2012.
    20th Armoured Brigade are taking over from 3 Commando Brigade.
    There will be three months of pre deployment training with the unit you are going with.
    So paperwork/Chilwell July time?
    There is still a lot to be finalised....

    -What your role in Reg Bn/Theatre will be? Who are you going with?
    -Exact dates of mobilisation and deployment.
    -When you should start informing employers?
  4. I can give you some info that might help. Blokes from my Regt have recently mobilised for H14. As far as I am aware they had nothing confirmed to them until they hit Chilwell, ie which unit they area going to etc. So the exact role within that Regt is unlikely to be confirmed until you actually join them.
    With regards to informing employers I would say nothing until you get the envelope through the door, unless you have a good relationship with a supportive employer in which case it is at your discretion, but I would stick to the above.
    The exact date of mobilisation will not be known until you get the envelope, but as a guide I would say 4 months prior to the deployment. Your unit should give you as much info as possible as soon as they get it, but that doesnt always happen!
    Start hammering the phys now, go and see the dentist.
    Good luck.
  5. The dentist is no longer as big an issue as it once was as they are now taking people on risk with dental problems. Not sure exactly how it works I belive they tell them to get it sorted the may re-emburs the cost
  6. Chilwell start of June. 3 months with deploying unit then deploy end of Sept-ish, mission specific training will take place during that 3 month period. Requirements to fill empty PID's etc still to be finalised. I intend on saying nothing to my employer until I get my mobilisation papers, no point causing myself extra hassle until I know if Im needed and Ill only know that for sure if/when the brown envelope hits the mat.
  7. As 762 said, Phys, Phys, Phys...!!!
    Reg units are really working on tabbing, if you turn up with the basic pass level you'll have a lot of catching up to do.
  8. I have heard about this, but what classes as a dental problem, a filling or cracked tooth, how **** are they?
  9. All good info so thanks.

    Is brown envelope 4 months prior to mobilising or deploying? Reason I ask is I'd like to give a little more notice than 4 weeks to my employer that I'm going to be gone for a year!

    So if we mob in June and deploy in Oct, do papers turn up Feb or June?
  10. Paperwork will arrive with you within weeks rather than months of your mob date.
  11. msr

    msr LE

    Get it fixed before you go. Do you not see a dentist regularly anyway?
  12. RTMC - ARRSEpedia
    The RTMC Chilwell TA mobilisation package lasts 12 days (ie. Report on a Monday, work through the weekend to the following Friday). The first few days is a whirlwind of G1(Personnel, Finance and Admin) & G4 (Kit Issue) : Medical, Dental, and Terms and Conditions of Service and Movement Briefs. Your course will be split into syndicates and you'll deal with each of the above in a round-robin. There will be lost of waiting around during the first few days, so bring a good book! At the end of the 2nd day, assuming you've survived the medical and dental exams, and have no strange G1 circumstances, you'll be signed into Regular service. You will not receive your 'Call out Gratuity' of £458 if you are not accepted into service.

    Then begins the 10 Day MATT phase. MATTs 1-6 are covered with plenty of instruction and assessments at the end. The MATTs are:
    * MATT1 - Weapon Handling Tests and APWT (1.5 Days and 3 Days on Ranges)
    * MATT2 - PFT and CFT (4 Hrs)
    * MATT3 - Battlefield Casualty Drills (BCD) (1.5 Days)
    * MATT4 - CBRN (1.5 Days)
    * MATT5 - Map Reading (4 Hrs)
    * MATT6 - Values and Standards (30 mins)
    As far as I am aware this is still the format?
    Call-out notice and pack - British Army Website
  13. No sure haveent gone back through recently to find out. I think a filling they would let through something minor that can be sorted out in a couple of visits to the dentist
  14. Have the Army not got a bit better at this sort of thing yet? No employer is going to be particularly chuffed with an employee turning round to them and saying "I'm off for a year boss...oh and you've got a couple of weeks to find a replacement". I'd have thought we'd at least get it within 1-2 months before mobilisation date?
  15. Not sure if it would be worth sending out anything sooner as many people drop out along the way or dont make the grade.

    Fancy a guess at the percentage of hands up a year before a tour compared to the actual number who make it through all the DIE training, Chilwell, Regular Battalion beat up training and finally arriving in Theatre...?!?