H&S killjoys tell war veterans they are too ol

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Malteser, Jul 26, 2008.

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  1. In their younger days, they risked death and injury to fight for their country against the Nazis and other enemies.

    But, now, war veterans who want to fly the Union Flag proudly above their town hall are being defeated by a barrage of health and safety rules.

    Royal British Legion members had scented victory after fighting for months to hoist the flag permanently in Calne, Wiltshire.

    The council suggested handing over the operation to the veterans - but then landed them with a 50-point list of rules banning anyone with a wide range of health conditions from going on the roof.

    All the branch's 84 members are over 60 and suffer from a variety of ailments which would stop them going up a ladder to raise the flag.

    The council report rules out anyone taking prescription medicines or with a history of heart problems, asthma, stroke, high or low blood pressure, epilepsy, fear of heights, depression, poor sight, mobility problems or diabetes.

    Councillor John Ireland, 61, who is also branch chairman and served in the Army for 27 years, said: 'We have fought bravely and many of us risked our lives in a world war.

    'We are perfectly capable of going up a ladder a few feet to put a flag up on a roof.

    'All the council is trying to do is find excuses to stop flying the flag.

    'They have been very sneaky. What they gave in one hand, they took away in the other, knowing full well none of us is fit enough to match those rules.'

    The report adds that anyone raising the flag would have to undergo training courses in 'working at height' and 'manual handling'.

    They would also have to be kitted out in safety footwear and weatherproof clothing.

    The 25ft flagpole is on a section of flat roof accessed via a ladder through a skylight.

    But the veterans cannot ask younger non-members to help as they have to be covered by the RBL's £10million insurance policy.

    The dispute began last November when the 19-member council rejected Mr Ireland's proposal to fly the Union Flag permanently.

    Opponents cited the £80 annual cost and said the flag would lose significance if flown every day.

    But legion members claim the council is being politically-correct as it fears being labelled racist.

    Mr Ireland believed the veterans had won when the council agreed to consider handing over the control and cost of the flagpole.

    But days later, town hall clerk Linda Roberts produced the lengthy rules for councillors to consider before voting on the idea.

    She suggests a 'less risky option', such as flying the flag from the side of the council building or from another building in the town.

    Branch treasurer Margaret Russell added: 'The health and safety rules are just the latest hurdle the council has put in our way. It is our flag and we should be proud of it.'

    Calne town council refused to comment yesterday.

    Sourse: Daily Mail

    Here are the contact details for the council, let them know what you all think:

    Calne Town Council
    Bank House
    The Strand
    SN11 0EN

    Tel: 01249 814000
    Fax: 01249 814440
    Email: calne@calne.gov.uk
  3. I don´t think he would have even been born in WW2. I think he isn´t refering ot himself as fighintg in WW2.

    If the lads can´t climb the ladder, get rid of it. Make it so thaey can hoist the flag through the skylight!
  4. By who? Who is going to do that , in the great multicultural melting pot that is Calne?

    The Council , in these litigous days, have to cover their arrses. It's a simple fact of life unfortunately. They aren't saying they can't fly the flag, they are saying certain conditions have to be met. They have even suggested less risky venues. The Council's insurers will have a rake of conditions imposed, and silly old fools climbing the Town Hall, will not be covered, unless the H+S is crossed and dotted

    As for playing the "Oh we are all so old" card , as mastergnr said, get some younger members. Or has that RBL , as others , turned into a cozy little drinking club for the retired and their cronies with no real push to find younger members?

    I mean , Calne is so devoid of Armed Forces Personnel , I can understand their struggle to recruit :roll:

    Because there is fcuk all to say.

    No, really? :roll:

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  5. My RLB has more young non military connected people than old ex mil codgers! supprised they cant russle up some young'ens! Worse case, some young RLB member from another branch could always pop round to do it!
  6. If you are a member of the RBL and under the age of 60 with no ailments, could that person be allowed to raise the flag?

    I think I'm trained to 'work at height' and I'm sure my own insurance covers such a risky venture.

    I'll do it if they get stuck.
  7. Would you be using a helicopter? That might upset the council a tad more...