H&S gone mad??

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Adam(KOS), Sep 24, 2007.

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  1. A GMP spokesman said: "The safety of officers and staff is our first priority. Officers should ride a police cycle only if they have passed a competence test."

    Strange... I always thought the protection of the law abiding public was their number one priority.
  2. More so, as they are now the 'Police service'...should be called 'Police self service'
  3. My favourite H&S from the police was the night I was told they were not answering 999 calls as it was snowing. But I could attend the station the next day and make a statement that I had been assaulted.
  4. Sounds to me like another typical Knee Jerk reaction to something, where H & S gets the blame.

    Quote "Police Chiefs say they fear the officers do not have enough training to handle road conditions across Greater Manchester."

    The arguement here is not the competence of the actual bike riding but the officers not being able to read the road. If the officers have been trained at any level in Police Driving they would be able to prove this competence.

    We have had 5 crashes here at work today in the first 40 minutes due to customers getting a bit carried away in the wet. There is 120 people here today normally 6 days a week.

    Do you think we should ban people racing now as a result. Bollo*ks

    We have a certain Top Gear presenter here later, should we ban him driving due to his past record (probably would be wise)
  5. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    No, not H&S gone mad. Usual "knee jerk reaction" to an incident by top management who don't understand how to assess risk properly and so have resorted to the "ban it all and blame it on 'elf'n'safety' " school of risk avoidance.

    For anyone who wants to be better informed about the "bonkers conkers" attitiude to H&S by the media - try here
  6. We had the Sales team throw upon us something they were hoping we would say NO to as we were H & S.

    The story is this madman wants to ride his Harley Davidson through a tunnel of fire. The current record is about 52 metres, He wants to do 200 to 300 metres to break this record.

    The Sales team thought by palming it off to us we would say NO as they werent to keen on the idea.

    The other H & S guy on I pride ourselves on not saying NO.
    It should have happened by now, but I think the guy has chickened out now.

    Basically you can do want ever you want as long as you have assessed the risks and documented the findings (Work related obviously)
  7. This is playing right in to my hands. I have been made Health and Safety rep fo rmy biulding.

    Pretty soon I think I would have found enough H&S violations that I won't have to go to work at all. My office is on the Second floor, yet I haven't had a Working at Hight course.
  8. HSE are by no means always right but they get a bad press because so many hopeless and utterly cr@p policies are put in place by big dumb organisations who have lost all common sense. That may be because they are run by fools but we have all seen H&S "non-issues" raised up and being used as stoppers.

    Really grips my entrails.

    "We believe that risk management should be about practical steps to protect people from real harm and suffering - not bureaucratic back covering. If you believe some of the stories you hear, health and safety is all about stopping any activity that might possibly lead to harm. This is not our vision of sensible health and safety - we want to save lives, not stop them. Our approach is to seek a balance between the unachievable aim of absolute safety and the kind of poor management of risk that damages lives and the economy. "

  9. Obviously these people didn't pass their cycle proficiency test when at Primary School. :D "You boy! Yes, You Smeg at the back of the class. Pay attention!

    Question? What's the difference between 'a police cycle' and one used by Joe Public?
  10. about £300 extra
    they are mostly I believe giant mountain bikes brought by smith and Wesson
    given a cool paint job :twisted:

    quite good at catching drug dealers as you can cycle up behind them quietly.

    I'd love to be a cycle cop my taser would not sleep in my hand till we have taught fellow cyclists the high way code and the importance of using lights at night :twisted: .
    not because its illegal or dangerous but because if you don't have them the
    man will inflict pain :D
    stupid should fcuking hurt
  11. In the MPS cycling is a three day course now, including a day of tighening spokes and fixing brakes as well as two days of riding

  12. Well from what I can see a PCSO was killed. Management decided to halt untrained officers and plan to give them training before utilising them on cycles again. What is wrong with that?

    As for the way the story was written in a style that I asociate with journalists who have already decided the angle of the story before investigating.

    Surely most people here have had some experience with the way the press can spin a story just as good as a politician.
  13. "The edict follows the death of a 21-year-old cycling PCSO who was hit by a lorry earlier this month."

    Simple... ban idiots driving lorries :evil:
  14. We ain't much better helment & ear defence must now be worn in 4- tonners when going X-country with the new seats fitted.