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H.R. (non Mil)

Not sure if this is the right forum, mods feel free to move wherever.

Does anybody here work in HR?

If so please PM me.

Thanks in advance

gladimout said:
I'm not looking for a move into HR, just been suspended so need some advice!
Do you belong to a union or professional organisation? They will have reps who deal with this all the time. If you dont, get joined now.
gladimout said:
It appears I may be royally fucked! Anyone ever had any dealing with a 'non compete' restriction within their T&C's of their contract???
a little bit (a friend's old job). there was a 5 year non-compete clause in there, but having researched it the accepted norm is 6 months, maybe a year in exceptional circumstances. we're planning to bust the 5 years and see them in court if they want to fight it - we took legal advice and they'll lose.

main thing we discovered is that they can not enforce a non-compete clause simply to "stifle competition" - there must be a valid reason e.g. an employee leaving and poaching all the company's customers.

PM me if you want to discuss specifics.

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