H Parachute HQ Battery (Ramsay's Troop)

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by rwm360, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. rwm360

    rwm360 Crow

    Can anyone tell me what H Parachute HQ Battery (Ramsay's Troop) 7 Para RHA role is.
    I know the other 3 Batteries are light gun, but not sure about H Battery. thanks in advance.
  2. CC_TA

    CC_TA LE

    HQ Bty - Not too sure - are you related to Einstein or the Archbishop of Canterbury?
  3. rwm360

    rwm360 Crow

    might be depends who's asking
  4. llech

    llech LE

    Well he's clever enough to be in a HQ Bty!
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  5. CC_TA

    CC_TA LE

    You're the one asking the questions - Here's one for you: What do you think a Battery Headquarters role is?
  6. Tinman74

    Tinman74 Guest

    Bumming, the long variety!
  7. NorthfleetNinja

    NorthfleetNinja Old-Salt

    Surely a Wah???
  8. A load of remf shit. Have you been posted in straight from training?