H&M Racist or Not ?

Do you think the H&M Image is racist?

  • Yes

    Votes: 5 3.2%
  • No

    Votes: 29 18.4%
  • Its just Lefty Liberal Snowflake Tossers making an issue out of fcuk all.

    Votes: 124 78.5%

  • Total voters
Checks to see if this is in NAAFI, No comment
Course it's racist. If I pointed to a black person and said "You're the coolest monkey in the jungle," I'd expect a furious reaction. :cool:


War Hero
Probably poorly judged. If they had used two kids, one coloured and one white they would have got away with it. Suspect it was some "right on, happening, agency that took the pictures without even thinking.
It's a bloody outrage!.....

.....We are decended from APES!


How did someone who is in the advertising industry look at that model and not think "this could be taken the wrong way"
Or Was it done deliberately to get even more publicity?
Is this a perfect storm of PC? Every advert you see now has a representative of assorted groups. My guess would be that someone's attempt to show how diverse they are has massively back fired.
It's only racist, if you're looking for things to invent fake outrage about, or maybe H&M relying on JSWs creating clickbait for them


Just think of all the free advertising the SJWs have unwittingly generated :D


Context is important. Acknowledging the fact that all humans are apes & by extension monkeys (debate over terminology notwithstanding) in a dull scientific way is different from applying the term specifically to black people as a racial insult - which has a long history that people who work for the company responsible are unlikely to be ignorant of.

Anyone involved in marketing or advertising should be conscious of the possibility that something like this is begging to be construed as racist regardless of whether that was the original intent. Staggering incompetence on their part or were they conscious of the inevitability it would bother a great many people in one way or another?

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