H.L.I or RHF Officers dirks

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by very-old-git, Sep 12, 2003.

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  1. Has any of the subscribers to this Alternative M.O.D Dumping Ground have knowledge of the whereabouts of qualityexamples of these weapons of war -Jock style ?. An ancient,but " monied " part of the aristocracy requires 'a good un'. :oops: [/quote][/code]
  2. Nobody in the aristocracy would admit to having any connection whatsoever to the RHF :lol:
  3. Pardon my interjection but I feel sure the 'R' Stands for 'Royal', How aristocratic does one have to be?
    Just an observation,please feel free to ignore it :roll:
  4. (Retrospective censorship is no sin: 23rd June 2007.)
  5. Ignored.
  6. RHF Aristoc'. David Niven was HLI. HE was Hollywood aristocracy.
    Winston Churchill was RSF (Lt.Col. WW1).
  7. Lets not forget the late Princess Margaret was our Colonel (RHF) pretty Royal, god bless her, as to dirks try the RHQs might be a couple for sale, but normally passed down the family or stuck on the walls.