H&K 416

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by RichieRichard, Jul 31, 2008.

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  1. Just found this on youtube about the new H&K 416.


    What does everyone think of this rifle and should it be brought in to replace the L85A2 when it due to come out of service around 2015/2020?

  2. I opened this thread a few weeks ago:


    When the french SF ordered the 416, the FNH SCAR (or Mk 16 CAR now) wasn't offered to foreigners, it was a US-only product. Now things have changed, FNH is marketing the CAR to other countries and if the order was placed now, the outcome would likely be different.
  3. Meh... how much of an upgrade is it to replace one 5.56 bullet launcher with another? I'd rather see the extremely effective 6.8mm Remmington round get mated with a gas piston action (like the 416) as a replacement for our weapons. Only the M468/REC7 by Barrett is chambered for it at the moment and that weapon still has the reliability problems inherent with direct gas impingement.
  4. How Sad. The producers have told him to pronounce the company name 'Heckler and Coke' Presumably when discussing a deadly weapon capable of taking life it would disturb the sensibilities of the gentle viewers to say 'cock'
    (and the esteemed mods)

  5. Err... I know ! :thumright: I thought I'd make it just that little clearer :wink:
  6. HK looks very impressive going by that. WE know how to scrap a Colt now!

    The FN SCAR strikes me as a well laid out and thought out rifle too. in an intermediate cartridge it would be ideal.

    We have got a thread specifically for this type of discussion in QM's so it might be worth having this merged into it.
  7. uw hulp wordt gewaardeerd, mate
  8. Also read on the H&K website that the Norwegians have recently bought the 416 as their new replacement rifle. But agree the Barrett M468 would also be a good rifle to replace the L85A2 for the larger calibe bullet.

    The 416 was also profiled on the programme Elite Forces on Discovery Channel on Weds. The US Green Berets now prefere it over their own M4 and claim , on the battlefield, it's unrivalled in terms of reliability.
  9. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Except that north- and south-Germans pronounce Koch differently (I forget which - it's been a long time since me Linguist course). One lot rhyme it with Loch, the others, with Cock.
  10. And some even pronounce it as in "notch"...

    My wife's surname is Koch,and she assures me that it's pronounced as "Loch" :nod:
  11. Somehow the H&K 417 appeals more. Oooohh shiney.....
  12. There are some rumours that HK is already working on a HK 418 in 6,8mm....