H+K .22 converters for SLR

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by bigeye, Sep 11, 2009.

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  1. Many moons ago at Browning Barracks there was a indoor range with a cine simulator. The rifles used were standard L1A1s with .22 rim-fire converters fitted, made by Heckler and Koch; These appeared to be easily removable as they were simply comprised of a smaller inner barrel and breech. I assume the magazine was an original 7.62 mm mag converted also.

    Are these still available and can they be permanently fitted to, say, a FN FAL or similar?
    I’ve only ever held a FAC for .22 rim-fire and I’m (possibly naively ) wondering how easy it would be to convert larger military rifles to my permitted calibre.

    A quick google revealed not much other than a bloke who fires .22 air rifles pellets with a .223 cartridge!
  2. If you look on the GSG German sports gun thread on here, somebody put up a link to a Brazillian .22 Lr SLR/FN - quite pricy but if that is what you after its availble.
  3. Thanks MtG,
    In fact I've just spotted that (after I posted my query)

    I've also now found out that this form of calibre conversion is quite common - it even featured in an episode of Columbo.
  4. Bigeye, I used the same kit at Browning BKs. The same conversion kits were also used at Ballykinler, at the mock town there. Wouldn't mind one for a bit of rabbiting!!

  5. I remember the scenario where you 'happen upon' a load of oriental blokes brewing up. You had to decide which one to shoot first.

    yep a .22 SLR would be great for the bunnies :D
  6. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    A converted SLR would still be section 5 in this country regardless of what was done to apart from deactivation and then only accompanied by a proof cert!
  7. If you're after a 0.22 service style rifle, your choices are rather limited:

    SLR/FAL: expensive and rare as rocking horse poo IMBEL training rifle - that's the only one I've ever seen advertised in the UK.

    AR15: plenty of choice here at least - Bremmer/M261s, V22s, Ciener type custom builds, Spikes Tactical, Tactical Solutions. More out there in the wings, but not yet on the UK market, e.g. S&W M&P15-22 and Colt Umarex. All those I've seen seem to be good quality, but rather expensive. Most of these can be bought as an upper to drop on to the existing lower of a full-bore AR-15 straight pull, increasing their flexibility.

    GSG-5: cheap and great fun, but you have to put up with Hardmong's insane dribblings.

    GSG-AK47: probably similar.

    SIG-552LR: coming soon apparently.

    Remember, they have to be originally manufactured as a 0.22 LR. As ugly says above 'once a section 5, always a section 5'.
  8. This might very well be a mong question: but is it not the case that you can hold a full-bore SLR (or variant) on an FAC in the UK? If so, why would you need a .22 LfB conversion kit?

    (If it really is a mong question, Flashy's gonna be all over me again with his: "fückin' t'ickie bog-trotter" number :) ).

  9. Not a mong question.

    I'm not sure I could justify posession of a full bore.
  10. Waah answer - no you can't have possession of a working full bore semi automatic rifle in UK (since Hungerford..)

    You CAN have a .22RF semiauto on a certificate however..

    An interesting paradox arises with the HK convertor...

    You can hold it as a weapon on a certificate, however I don't think you could use it with an SLR even with a deac, as you need the barrel free...

    I suppose if you could get hold of a single shot FAL (built as such) it would work, but why would you want to???

    Oh - silly me - to p1ss off the plod - (got to be done then :D )
  11. Not since the 1988 Firearms Amendment Act. Unless deactivated, once a Section 5 - always a Section 5. That is why straight pulls based on AR15s etc have to be built from the ground up as 'new' rifles.