Iv done my barb test, and my dreams of going for a trade in the REME or RE are dashed. Iv got AAC down, But my recruiter said that i would enjoy the household cavalry more and get a good trade out of it. Im going to windsor for the day tomorrow and a 5 day look at life in september. But what im wondering is the H/Cav worth doing? My dad was a guardsman, but from what iv seen the mounted ones spend alot of time cleaning compared to the foot guards.

Also how do the trades work, the guide iv recieved has the trades in two halfs, one for cerimonial one for combat. Does that mean if i start off as a mounted dutyman i cant become a combat medic till i finish ceremonial duties, and the opposite for say, Saddler if i start as Tank crew? Once you've started a trade is that your role for the time you spend in the regiment?

Any thoughts welcome, hopefully someone will know what im going on about.

You have to think about what you want to get out of the Army. I for one have no desire to get dolled up and sit on a horse. The mounted and formation recce regiments are seperate. Obviously you will move between the two but could spend quite a long spell in the mounted regiment before you get to feed your steed diesel instead of hay!
One cool thing about the H/Cav is that you can do P-Company or the Commando course and serve with them, which i would imagine is brilliant.
I think you would have to wait til you get to the FR regiment before you could do your medic course.
Unless you've got perfect eyesight and really think you could make it as a pilot in the AAC i would imagine you'd have more fun in the H/Cav. Refuelling choppers your whole career may get a bit boring!
I think you'll know if it's for you or not at the end of your look at life course.

Good luck with your career.

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