H/Cav LAD Oportunity for Ceremonial

Discussion in 'RAC' started by Bicycle14, Mar 5, 2010.

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  1. Can a REME Elec Tech attached to H/Cav for their first posting after promotion to L/Cpl be involved in ceremonial duties?

  2. Yes, you can fix the kit wagon if it has a fault.
  3. What, like riding horses and stuff?

    I know it's Friday, but really, give you head a wobble! When was the last time you saw a spanner w4nker on some clapped out nag at Horse Guards...
  4. Where would you recommend re-posting it then Pongo?
  5. Why the F**k would REME want to get involved with horses,I thought the whole point of them was to fix waggons, the RAVC do the nags
  6. Being a tech you may be needed to help the blokes with their kit.

    Cleaning the lenses of the individuals optical viewing device, for the ones who require this vital piece of equipment whilst on mounted duty.

    Glasses can be hard to clean with thoes big gloves on!!
  7. The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment take care of the ceremonial stuff mate, you will be with the Household Cavalry Regiment in Windsor and will not get involved in anything resembling ceremonial stuff (unless things have changed a massive amount since I was there).

    If you want to strut around in front of Buck House, join a Regiment that does that sort of thing. As it is, you are a member of a Corps that is well known for its ability to send Techs into the real world, wearing a tape but with no idea whatsoever about life.....thank you for upholding the stereotype.

    Edit: Should have said Regiment, not Division
  8. Mate, if you're gonna offer advice, make sure you know what you're talking about first.
    Firstly, HCav doesn't do Buckingham Palace, that's the preserve of the footguards or a stand in Infantry Company.
    Secondly, HCav like the foot guards battalions has an operational capability that often gets over looked by people that don't know what they're on about. You spend maybe 2 years at Knightsbridge, on posting, then you'll be moved to Windsor. You'll then spend the rest of your career bouncing between the 2, should you wish, or opt to become permanent cadre staff at either location.
    Finally, in answer to the original question. There is a post for a REME armourer at Knightsbridge, he doesn't get involved in the ceremonial stuff but, as his job suggests, looks after the repair of small arms and the upkeep of the metal components of state kit, helmet, sword, breastplate etc, etc.
  9. Cheers Nemesis, that answer cleared up the questions that I had in mind.

  10. Sorry, forgot to mention, they've usually been crusty old stripeys or staffies coming to the end of their 22, so no good for someone starting out.
  11. Correct, its going to be hard for you to 'break' into there,Bicycle.
  12. Thank you for confirming what I said in my post. I have served with them and therefore I do know a little of what I am talking about. I never said that the HCR carried out ceremonial duties at Buckingham Palace, I suggested that should the OP wish to carry out that sort of thing, then he should "join a Regiment that does that sort of thing". I did state that the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment takes care of the ceremonial stuff and as you said, they are indeed based in Knightsbridge. With regard to their operational capability, that will be the Household Cavalry Regiment who are based in Windsor, as you said and to whom I was attached as a VM.

    So, as I do, apparently know what I am talking about, maybe you should re-read my first post and realise that what I wrote is actually correct.

    It may pay you to make sure that your house is not made of glass before you start throwing stones :)
  13. "If you want to strut around in front of Buck House", you words, not mine. If you didn't want to imply that HCMR didn't stag on at Liz's house, why mention it then? Being a Craftsman/LCpl REME VM does not make you an expert after a 2 year posting, clearly or else you wouldn't have used the Buck House analogy.
    I take it your posting didn't include a tour at Knightsbridge? I also notice you've edited out Division and replaced it, correctly with Regiment. I'm not getting into a pissing contest with you about this, the example you gave was misleading. I'll see your 2 year REME posting with HCav and I raise you 22 years, 7 served at Mounted Duty, the remainder in Windsor and Germany.
    Now, don't you have some nuts to strangle?
  14. Nemesis01,
    "Mate, if you're gonna offer advice, make sure you know what you're talking about first.
    Firstly, HCav doesn't do Buckingham Palace, that's the preserve of the footguards or a stand in Infantry Company."

    Household Cavalry do do duties at Buckingham Palace, Inside. They provide a guard of honour at all investures. If you ever go there to collect a gong you'll have to walk past them as you go up the grand staircase.
  15. You'll maybe get a couple of investitures a month, so it doesn't constitute as stagging on outside in the sentry boxes, as per the advice offered in an earlier post. HCav's main preserve is QLG, historically protecting the entrance to ALL the palaces in Westminster, hence doing the stagging on at Horseguards and not Buck House. Providing the Sovereigns Escort during all state ceremonial and the Garter in Windsor.
    The OP was asking about the possibility of a REME bod carrying out State Ceremonial, I've explained how the REME fits in at KNightsbridge, everything else is irrelevent. Lock the thread please.