H Cav are all very naughty boys..

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Acid_Tin, Feb 25, 2005.

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  1. Click here for the full 'story'.

    You can always count on The Sun...
  2. Another fine example of 'The Paper that Supports Our Boys'. :roll:
  3. I hope that first investigation is to find the mole in the H Cav. Then and only then should the MOD investigate the allegations.

    Odds please gentlemen on a CDT visit to the H Cav.

    10/11 for a CDT hit in less than threes day from today!
  4. The Sun always willing to knock anybody and slate them as long as it sells papers :roll:

    So the support they give us dries up as soon as something that can be slapped on their front pages turns up............smells slightly of hypocrysy me thinks :roll:
  5. If the allegations prove to be unfounded I wonder how big a headline the apology will be?

    Throwing horsesh1t over a naked recruit seems a bit like a right of passage to me. Or was I the only bloke who had his balls blackened for fcuking up?

    Mistreating horses and stealing, as distinct from trophy hunting, is beyond the pale but hardly warrants front page news when the fcuking government is talking about removing some old established rights, like habeus corpus, from us all.

    Oh! I forgot, Murdoch is Bliar's man.

    Diversion anybody?

    On the other hand, perhaps our Ban the Scum campaign has upset them so the sad little journo's are trying to get their own back. In which case, we must be winning.
  6. The Sun is rather anti-Blair.
  7. CiG we need your current LOCSTAT. Go firm, we're sending an away team to take you back to your home planet :roll:
  8. Clearly the mole in HCMR has committed a military offence by speaking to the media without permission. I cannot believe that the Scum aren't aware of this, yet they continue to incite soldiers to commit the offence, and conspire with them when they do.

    Presumably the mole is a colleague of those in the story. Could this apply:

  9. Well you got me there CiG. I don't read the rag but I thought the scum told everyone to vote labour last time. So I figured there must be a good relationship between Murdoch and Bliar.
  10. Posted to the PCC using the e-mail service (complaints@ppc.org.uk):

    "The Sun has now run at least two stories attacking the Household Cavalry using unsubstantiated claims. I believe that in gathering information on these stories the Sun has contravened the rules about exploiting a crime. By using information from a serving serviceman who does not have permission to talk to the press thay are aiding the commissioning of a crime under military law. Not only is the serviceman committing a crime in passing information to The Sun but he is also undermining military discipline, yet another crime. If this person has issues about the conduct of his fellow servicemen then he should raise them through his chain-of-command or by using the other facilities available to him."
  11. He claimed that before one parade in the Swiss city of Zurich, a gelding called Unknown was given eight cans of lager to drink.

    You don't think the HC were accompanying Prince Charlies + Unknown on a visit to Zurich do you? The gelding bit was just to put people off the scent.

    Fcuking scum, got it wrong again......... ;-)
  12. Letter to the Scum:

    Dear Ms Wade

    This morning The Sun ran a front-page story concerning alleged wrongdoing by members of the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment. This is the latest in a series of stories in The Sun which have been aimed at smearing the armed forces.

    In the latest story you state that your source is a serving member of the regiment. Are you aware that it is an offence against Military Law for a member of the armed forces to communicate with the media without permission? If you are aware of this, and I find it difficult to believe that you could not be, can you tell me why your paper has encouraged this soldier to commit this offence. Surely a responsible publication would encourage the soldier to report his concerns to the appropriate authorities, so that they could take immediate action, and with whom you would be able to subsequently check the facts.

    I would also like to know if the individual was paid by The Sun.

    Currently, many service personnel are serving their country in various overseas theatres, and at home. Whilst the ill-treatment of any animal is appalling, and should be properly dealt with, there are other matters of far greater import that affect our military. I note that your negative stories usually appear shortly after the Government have been criticised over matters relating to the military, in this case their failures over the electoral registration of servicemen, which you have not reported upon. Given both the political afilliations of your proprietor and The Sun's appeal to the lower class, the only conclusion that can be drawn is that your recent reports are no more than a politically-motivated smear campaign.

    I am not connected in any way with the Household Cavalry, but am, as an ex-serviceman, concerned at the low standards of journalism exhibited by your paper.

    It is my intention to complain to the Press Complaints Commission, but I would be interested to hear your view first.


    I edited out this line: "There is a view, popular amongst some of the military, that this is a personal campaign in protest at the way the risible performance of a certain overweight actor as a soldier has been ridiculed by 'The Professionals'." Maybe I should have left it in. :twisted:
  13. You should have left it in! :D
  14. Similar snotgram fired off. Bstards.

  15. VB, I want to be you when I grow up... :D