Gypsys? love them,hate them,admire their style???

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BROCKS, Dec 11, 2010.

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  1. coming from a small market town just outside scunny,we have a couple of permanent,me growing up there know all the good lads(non pikeys) who while i was away playing soldiers for 6 yrs(91-97) enjoyed regular battles with said pikeys every leaving the army at 22 yrs of age and being"up for it" have had a few do's with them.....however,my family yrs ago were into scrap dealing etc and general faces around small town knew the main gypsy faces,so ive never had too much grief...but?..are we to admire their go-it alone attitude,i.e no tax insurance etc etc we graft our cocks off,for this once great nation...or? do we agree,they seem to have it stitched up?...they do seem to run along nicely!...personally i think 90% are mouthy little check shirt wearing wankers who think theyre"king of the gypsys"..(usually the younger,quick visit kind),and how many of the good travelling lads are serving? believe me,there are some good uns who believe in respect not too sure either way..i recall canoeing in germany 93,and ona campsite,a gypsy surfacing crew saying to me" oh boy..yer from **** ya know ***** smith"?....and as it happened,i did! funny old lot,the pikeys!
  2. I fucking HATE pikeys. There was a few of them kicking off tonight in Belfast Continental Market. Cnuts ruin everything. HOWEVER: they fcuk off sharpish if you rattle their caravans with paintballs. So I'm told.
  3. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    if they have a reputation for being robbing twats who'll swipe anything that isnt set into concrete, I can only wonder how they got it.

    clichés are usually clichés for a reason.
  4. what like mancs are all inbred retards with a shit taste in clothes, ah yes I see your point now!
  5. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    yep, I'm the exception that proves the rule.

    so on that basis you *wouldnt* be sat there in front of a robbed pc, wearing an eyebleedingly dayglo shellsuit after having been to the hairdresser's today for another mullet with a curly perm?
  6. gypsies and mancs its hard to decide who to hate more..................both scruffy deadbeats with poor personal hygiene and ludricrus accents
  7. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I notice theres no denial of the robbed pc, the shellsuit or the perm.
  8. robbed pc = check, shellsuit ..well not strictley speaking we're wearing grey nike fleece jogging suits these days ( get with the times eh ) and perm ..nope number one all over,, still one out of three ain't bad I spose
  9. You joined the Army at age 14?

    Fuck off, you lying pikey twat.

  10. "Anti-wah cloak on"

    22-6= 16

    I may be being a mong?
  11. top folks with very good morals.....if its not tied down....its mine.
  12. Well. round my neck of the woods they're a fcuking menace and make people's lives a misery. My landlord in the local is so paranoid about the cnuts that he's receiving therapy! It's not funny. God help the feckers if they turn up at my place. And god help me too, as I'll have the entire library thrown at me seen as they've got ethnic status. I'd really love to meet the cnut that thought that little pearler up.
  13. Style? What style? Most farmyard animals have more style than a band of gypsies...

    have you seen what their womenfolk wear to weddings? Expensive glorified bog roll covers is exactly what they look like....shocking to think how much their dresses cost - where the hell do they get the money?

    maybe they save money throughout their lives prior to their wedding by the fact that at other times they seem to wear pretty much nothing, look like slags but "have high morals"....ayeeeee right!

    My big fat gypsy wedding - comedy gold! YouTube - My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding
  14. I remember during my reprogramming.....I mean diversity training in the OB back in blighty. They gave us a flip chart and told us to write positive and negative stereotypes of different groups. We could find both for all except for the do as you likeys who no-one could find any positives about.
  15. haha i was never too good at maths..but im pretty sure thos numbers all add up.....