Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by DRIVER_B_III_RASC, Dec 12, 2006.

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  1. Someone mentioned Gypsies in another thread. It reminded me.
    40 Gypsies turn up at the pearly gates. God said to Peter, 'Tell 'em that they will have to wait, I'm not ready yet. An hour later Peter said to God, 'They've gone Lord' . What the Gypsies says God, No says Peter, the Gates.
  2. I fcuking hate pikeys!
  3. Hitler wasn't all bad - he got rid of 2.5 million pikeys...
  4. That might have been my past thread. Personaly I have now come down off the fence and the evil pikey scum should all be boiled in old chip fat. Every last one of them. Stuff their chirpy, fresh air loving independent life style, their system of 'honour' and their socialist principals of redistributing your wealth while your not looking. I want them rounded up and boiled. No excuses. No "are you sure that you're not prejudicing their human rights?". I won't hear none of it. I want to hear the sizzle and crackle of deep fried pikey. Parasites, all of them. And yes, I do think that Genghis Khan was a dangerously wet lettuce who had had his spine removed.

    Good joke by the way. That'll be winging its way through the ether to chums this afternoon.
  5. Caravan for me Ma.
    His what?
    HIS MA!
  6. Does this mean you don’t like them, then?
  7. Who does? Not even other pikeys like pikeys...
  8. Like 'em? No, not much. What did the Rozzers uncover when they raided that Pikey infestation in Essex the other day? Over a quarter of a million quids worth of stolen property. When it comes to re-distributing other peoples wealth they may lead the world, but frankly I'd rather hand it all over myself to that oily little grub at No.11 Downing St than see the evil pikey scum gain any more wealth through their criminal activities.

    Successive governments have been altogether too quiet about dealing with them. At least allow me the luxury of my dreams . . me and my trusty flamethrower . . a pikey infestation . . ah yes, I can see it now.
  9. I was looking for pikey pics on Google when I happened upon this: