Gypos move in next door to tessa jowell

my heart bleeds for her, cnut.
The tone of the "newspaper" article would infer that Gypsys as neighbours are a bad thing, This is not allways the case.
We have a lot of Travellers, both settled and living on campsites, and in the main they are decent, hard working people, saying that their are a small number of hard core villians amongst them who are unpopular with both the travellers and the everyone else.
The settled travellers have purchased an old baptist church locally and the place is packed every Sunday, unlike other local churches.
I would not expect the police to become involved with moving the travellers on, because planning is a civil matter, but we shall see, wont we
All to do with the Human Rights act brought in by this Liarbor Government. Apparently the act allows someone to apply for planning permission retrospectively, which is then granted, as it is against their Human Right to deny them a home. What a load of b*llocks
It's good to know that she now has easy access to this particularly colourful and vibrant section of our community....
And just look at the Police call out's to Tessa's increasing....

"Ah Insp Plod,those unwashed 'people' have decided to have a party,I DEMAND you arrest them all now!"
So they go to church on a Sunday - Big F'in deal.
Tont BLiar and his frog faced wife claim to be good christians too.
It means nothing except that they are even bigger hypocrytes.

Now I will accept that not all gypos are scum, but the vast majority of "travellers" of all varieties are parasites.

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