Gynecologist fined for telling patient where to stick ....


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This is best how strict are those judges

A judge in Gavá, Barcelona, has denied joint custody to a man because he has a limp, resulting from childhood polio.
The First Instance Judge 5 in the town says in his summary that the limp could prove to be an impediment to how Joan Carles Castañé can take care of two small children, and names it in addition to the fact that the parents do not get on having separated in 2005.

The judge ignores the fact that the man concerned is one of the best paralympics international swimmers in Spain, and has restricted his access to the children to alternate weekends only.

Could do with him over here to sort out the chav mongs :D
...and she was still having problems having sex with her partner
That's because she's ugly, not because of the doctor.
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