Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Locky, Oct 2, 2007.

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  1. ive joined the gym (jjb) been there for 1 month now and i like it quite a lot i go 3 or 4 times a week a bit of cardio bit of weigts n stuff as well i was thinkin bout goin onto creatine (help me train harder put on a lil weight) the army wont "frown" upon this will they ?

    my target for the run is goin too be 2 miles in 12 minutes ! it aint realistic i think i can doo itbout 5 months too do it, i want to get bigger (thats what the creatine is for) so i can piss over the chinups and jerry can walk thing (they still do that right?) good idea to get the creatine or not ? plz only serious replys
  2. Sort your spelling and grammar out as well please.

    You don't need to be big to do pull-ups, it's just more weight to lift.
  3. I'm pretty sure Creatine would not be a good idea, I'm also pretty sure the Doc would pick up on it in your medical
  4. The only thing he'll be writing in the gym is "pass" or "fail" on the PFT attendance sheets. I don't a high IQ and literacy rate is all that important stood in front of the mirror!

    Nah. Creatine isn't illegal. I hear that many of our Para / SF community use it to aid recovery during their respective selection courses. Creatine doesn't show up on CDT either, or rather it isn't tested for.
  5. I know Army and Bootneck PTI's who use it, SNCOs too. RN PTI's too for that matter. Its fine. Makes you dehydrate easily though apparently.
  6. Stop trying to cheat
    I'd leave it to you get to your unit
  7. If you're focussing on the run, bulking up will be totally counterproductive - big lads are rarely fast at distances over sprint-range (I should know, I'm a total carthorse, myself). Upper body strength isn't solely determined by muscle size, you just need to practice the specific exercise more.

    Creatine for boosting stamina really won't make any difference for a PFT, it only really begins to work if you're sustaining the effort over many hours or repeating the exertion over days. Unless you're thinking about running for over an hour in one go, or training 7 days a week (bad idea for other reasons) it's not really going to do you much noticeable good.

    My advice: stop looking for magic wands to make things easier and train properly. In any case, if you depend on supplements to meet the basic fitness requirements, what good will you be when you can't get them?
  8. thanks for the reply, smartascarrots

    i do train properly i go to the gym 3 or 4 times a week (normal day workin out day rest) altho to say i have quite skinny wrists my arms (biceps) are not a bad size, jus when / if it comes to selection i want to put accross a very good first impression, as for the run i can do 2 miles in 18 mins (not good but it aint tht bad neither) my target is 12 mins @ 10mph it jus seems creatine may be the way too go in reguards to helping me train a bit harder and longer, i am goin to increase run times from 15 - 20 mins a week to about 40 -45 and normaly the reason i stop is not so much out of breathe but my legs hurting sometimes chest. was just lookin for some PRODUCTIVE opinions

    ps, i dont depend on the supplements (i aint used any yet) jus seems like a good idea like i said to help me train, why struggle so much if i dont have too ?

    also thankyou, detonator

    leguy, how is it cheating ?
  9. creatine won't be picked up on any medical. It's also good for training. I used to use it.
  10. yeah its fine anyways perfectly legal
  11. ... Can cause bladder problems if you stay on it to long though.

    You have been warned! Why not use some protein supplements instead? Combined with regular gym sessions sees you building up quite naturally.
  12. the creatine i intend on geting is SAN V12 Turbo, it advises 8 weeks on 4 weeks off, so i guess i should be fine in followin them instructions
  13. The only way to get fitter is to train harder, want to run faster ? Then push every run to the limits, try and beat your pb every time

    Snake oil is only 5% snake, the rest of it is placebo
  14. If you really want, try Protein Shakes. These shakes have high protein to help build muscle. Basicly you mix with milk or water and take after exercise. Be warned they do contain high calories so you do need to work out. Read the link for more info.

    Best place to buy this stuff is Holland and Barratt. Hope this helps.

    By the way, Im not yet Army, hoping to be so I dont know what you can and cant take.
  15. That post is the biggest load of toss I've ever read.

    H&B is the worst place to buy that sort of stuff. For cheap and quality protein then it's

    As for the creatine, I've got some Maximuscle Cee-Max but still unsure whether to use it. I'll ask someone in the know whether it'll definitely be safe CDT wise and I've also heard it's an anti diuretic so that may be a bit concerning.