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Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by RetroMozza, Jan 29, 2009.

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  1. Alright lads, I'm hoping you can give me some advice

    My fitness level is almost zero, I've let it slip so much in the last two years it's untrue, it's embaressing!

    Over the past week I've been going to the gym, but only really been seeing 'results' this week, however mild they are.

    On Monday I managed to run at 10 kmph for 9.5 minutes, then at 13 for the remaining 30 seconds, I was tired afterwards though

    On Wednesday I managed to run at 10.5 kmph for 10 minutes, then 13 for another 30 seconds, this time I felt better.

    My question is, do I work around the 10 minute mark so I can do it faster and faster, or do I go for long distance for the stamina? Or a combi of both?

    Thanks in advance

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  2. Are you just trying to work on your running, or do you want to develop a more rounded training programme?

    (Remember that there is more than one aspect to "fitness.")
  3. More rounded, but leaning towards running.

    Reason being is that my friend is currently in training and he bulked up before he went, now he regrets it and thinks he's too heavy.
  4. Get out of the gym and onto the streets if you want to improve your running. I don't believe in using treadmils to run, it feels somewhat forced.
    Get one of the instructors in the gym to write you a full body workout plan, or someone on here might be so kind as to point you to a good program.
  5. I will eventually, but I want to learn how fast I need to run to get the selection time, if that makes sense. Plus, the gym is on the way home from work, so it's really convenient! PLUS! There are some proper fit girls in the gym, nearly got a lob on watching one do crunches last week ;) jk

    I plan to get up an hour earlier from next week and jog round the park for a bit.

    I'd love it if someone could help me out with a good program. Body strength wise I have to start off slow 'cos I don't have much at all.
  6. You need to run for more than ten minutes; get out on the street ad run for thirty minutes; don't worry about speed or distance, just run at a constant pace for half and hour. when you can do tat at a fair pace, step up to forty-five minutes. Don't neglect upper body work; you'll need some strength in your arms and shoulders, but focus on the CV fitness first :)
  7. Good man! In that case i suggest that you sort out a programme which improves on all the different aspects of fitness. (Speed, Stamina, Strength, Suppleness...)

    There is a good 16 week programme in this book (clickedy linky) It's been recommended elsewhere on ARRSE and despite the Walty title it's quite a good book with good tips about training and nutrition, goal setting and all that balls! (If you want to get fitter you need to understand that you need to change some aspects of your lifestyle. i.e. it can't be a fad.)

    For your strength, muscular endurance power etc, i recommend that you read and understand this document.(clickedy linky) It's tailored for Rugby, but provides execllent advice on how to set up a training programme which will work on your strength, local muscular endurance and power. It also details how you can work out what weight you should be ideally lifting based on "rep max," system.

    It's not a simple cut and paste job though, I have had to bastardise the two into one full training programme which works for me. (for example, the rugby programme says i should do two sessions a day... fuck that, i still allow myself a "fat day," in the week where i eat what i want and do nothing!)

    I have come up with something which allows me about 4-5 CV sessions a week and at least 3 good gym (weight) sessions a week.

    Anyway- hope this helps, feel free to PM me for any specifics.


  8. Right, will do. Thanks mate.

    Edit: Thanks F_D, I'll take a look at them and try and mould it to suit me
  9. Could also look into they do running clubs and circuit training in parks all over the place.
  10. :( Closest is about 65/70 miles aways.. I do circuit training on a Friday night already though, it nearly kills me every time too :lol:
  11. Echo this, exactly what the officer doing my ADSC interview said to me after seeing my mediocre 1'5mile time - just get out on the streets / road and build up towards running at a decent pace for 40min.

    You can do body weight resistance exercises in your house (press ups, sit ups, squats etc) to develop a basic level of muscular endurance / conditioning.
  12. Is there a difference between running on the street and running at the gym?
  13. Apparently it's not as good for you; something to do with the assistance you get from the running machine as the belt goes round. I don' know for sure though. Just get out into the fresh air a bit and use God's treadmill.

    Also, running on a machine like that's a bit fruity!
  14. Running on a treadmill is akin to running slightly downhill on a road apparently, to make it the same as road running, set the incline to 2.

    Alternatively, just go on the road. I find running on a treadmill, even at a 2 incline a tonne easier than road running.
  15. Hi All
    I have recently turned 31 & i would like to join the Para's.I know you have to be extremely fit .Could any1 recommend any good book's to help me .Thanks