Gym / Training Regimes - any good sources?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by viceroy, Jul 31, 2011.

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  1. Looking to change my regime and be more focussed in my exercising. I sort of reached a plateau and I know further 'success' lies more in nutrition than exercise, I do feel there is room for improvement. Is there a good website where one can enter data, such as goals, training frequency and intensity etc? Is there perhaps a good app for the iPhone? Not so much worried about keeping track of weights but have a regime that allows me five sessions a week with two days of rest.
  2. And for food advice look at paleo diet stuff the 2 work together pretty well. If you need more "cardio" crossfit endurance is a good bet too.
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  3. What he said. Crossfit's excellent - all the variety keeps things interesting and avoids plateauing.
  4. Crossfit - meh.

    No specificity or repeatability, exercises that unless you are a very experienced lifter could cause more damage than gain, a cult like "crossfit or bust" attitude.

    Go back to basics, what is your aim? Look good, play rugby, row a 6:00 2km, a place on the GB Men's Gymnastic team, a sub 30min 10km? Until you tell us your end point, how we supposed to offer some advice?
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  5. Looked at CrossFit, find it a bit difficult to get stuck in tbh, where to start? As to my aim: I want to get laid and look good. I am happy with my weight but I need to reduce body fat.

    I've made good progress, e.g. doing cardio at the end of my exercise rather than beginning. Essentially I am doing one muscle group a day mon-fri and rest sa / su.

    What I was hoping for is a website where you can put in your details, schedule and aim (sort of) and it would recommend concrete training plan and keep track of progress, heck if a PT can do it, how difficult can it be?

    I've been looking at my nutritional intake and still making adjustments, while at the same time, I do not want to make this my religion and I am not going to start drinking protein shakes and the like, all these foods are for Schwarzenegger wannabe's, plenty of which frequent my gym, so no thanks.

    I have bulked up sufficiently, I want to work on toning while keeping the overall shape now, perhaps this does mean increasing the cardio part, I have started rowing more and using the 'upper body cycle' (excite) rather than treadmill and cross trainer. The PT's at my gym are useless feckers (aren't they all) and people using them have not made more progress than me, quite the opposite, so I am not about to take their advice.

    Men's health and similar sites have ideas but not detailed enough though I have started taking some of their advice on board, some of the things work (you always have to give it 2-3 weeks at least to see results).

    I want to get the max out of the 5x90mins I have at the gym. Simples.
  6. I'm a bit of a crossfitter tbh so kinda preach that. I'm writing this from a competition! Look at the WOD on the main site and if there are any exercises you don't know, search for them on YouTube.
  7. Try

    Be warned, there are some serious guys on there, but their nutritional advice seems to be sensible.

    At the end of the day, if you want to loose body fat, you need to reduce your calorie intake, and increase your calorie use. Once to the right "body fat level" then you can increase the calorie intake until it matches your output.

    But fair call on the reasons why you want to reduce it! As I'm married, I just accept I'm not going to get laid.....
  8. Take up Thai boxing if you have the time.
  9. LOL, Mui Thai? I was a fairly avid kick boxer till about 15 years ago. Absolute shiite as martial art but very good for fitness. It isn't realistic as I have about 70-90 minutes during weekday mornings only, no other slot possible and hence settled for gym.

    As for the getting laid bit, I am married too, I too have resigned myself to the fact that I won't get laid within that death trap, I am trying to get in shape to get laid elsewhere ;-). If you've got nothing to loose and put your mind to it, it is surprising what you can get done.

    I have downloaded a couple of apps and will have a look at these (Gym Free, and Men's Health Workouts Lite). Like said, I want something to toy around with and change regime. Getting fit isn't the main purpose in my life but I'd like to get the most of the time I have. I have been watching my diet and recorded my intake and exercise on "MyFitnessPal" for almost 2 months now. Surprisingly I did manage to both loose a bit of weight and turn some of that fat in muscles. I have not left anything out completely other than pastries, but eat less and recoded everything I eat during the week.

    The app gives me an indication that my carb intake is too high and my protein intake is too low. Trying to fix that with more eggs (whites only), fish and chicken, less sugary foods. Slowly but surely things have started to turn for the better. I rarely drink, so that bit at least isn't working against me.
  10. try p90x. it is (i hear) available in good swedish outlets, or at it is very intense and has a good mix of resistance and cardio. it allows 1 day off but you could probably drop one of the other days too if you wish. it is very well supported and the results are difficult to refute. google 'p90x'
  11. P90X is ******* ninja, will have you puking down you t-shirt, its ace
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  12. I'm looking for some intense cardio, the sort of thing that'll leave me breathing through my hoop and praying for death inside of 45 minutes - would this do it?
  13. Having just looked at the "promo" vids on youtube, it looks like it's circuits. I've no doubt your PTI could sort you out with that?!
  14. Absolutely :) you'll love it
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  15. it has 3 days of resistance training and 3 days of cardio's (but yoga is for girls to switch that shit out with something else). dont be fooled about the lack of cardio in resistance training. if you follow it without pausing it and with a pair of dumbbells just right for the job, you will be setting alight your anaerobic system and be begging for it to stop. the results some people get are pretty irrefutable because the product is marketed by some of its customers who are called 'coaches'. they basically get a commission from sales. i'm not a coach but i highly recommend the product wherever you get it from. also, the guy who does it (tony horton) is a ******* legend.

    also, the plyometrics section makes you a better runner, and it hurts, alot. kenpo x, if you do it fast too, will throw your HR into about 190 lol.