Gym Training Advice?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by Ishiot, Dec 3, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone, I just wanted to ask advice for a good gym workout that will benefit me in getting ready for selection. I'm going away on holiday to Grease for a few weeks at the end of next week and I really don't fancy going for runs and getting lost, they do have a fairly well equipped gym there and a pool I can make use of at nights, so I was just wondering if anybody could think of a good schedule for me to go for while I'm there. I will have a few hours to a day to dedicate to it. (Please keep in mind I'm only just starting out)
  2. I would suggest hitting the roads as often as possible. This is what you will be doing in basic training whether you like it or not, so you may as well get used to it.
  3. go on holiday, get wrecked enjoy yourself!!!!! if you are totally committed to being mega fit before selection , why are you going to greece?
    Send me the tickets i will go and promise to really enjoy for you!!!good luck
  4. where the fcuk is Grease, is it anywhere near Greece? :twisted:
  5. No, it's not a matter of not liking the roads (Sorry if it came across that way) I'll be over there and from what I'm told by the mate I'm going with, the road system isn't all that great (By means of not many long straight roads) so I'd more than likely get lost.

    Sorry my mind is else where tonight I meant Greese. The holiday was booked well before my decision to join up, I admit I should have waited till after the new year but what's done is done.
  6. Greece in december, greece is a May till november resort not exactly going to be tropical
  7. I have family over there.. So will be going to spend Christmas with them and some time having a laugh with my mate
  8. Any CV work that gets your heart rate going to around 135-145 for above 40 mins every other day is good (build up in 10 minute blocks of lower intensity if you're not that fit). On alternate days do 10 min warm-up and then do intervals (your call but 10 intervals of 1 min running hard followed by 1 min walking should be good prep for BFA) the 10 min warm-down - do it on the beach for added benefit. You should be doing sit-ups, press-ups, pull-ups and dips to sort your upper body out, every other day should be good enough, set yourself a total target and do as many sets as it takes to get there ie 100 sit-ups, 1st set - 25, 2nd set - 20, 3rd - 20, 4th, 15, 5th 10 and 6th 10. Once you can do your target in 3 sets adjust your target up by at least 10%. Swimming is good body toning stuff but doesn't do too much for your running fitness. Try and alternate hard days with less intense days, rest one day a week, keep well hydrated and get a good stretching regime before and after your sessions. Always set yourself goals and reward yourself as you achieve them, without totally undoing your progress.
  9. Alonisos or something to that effect.

    Thanks very much. I will keep this in mind and set something up accordingly, though I will have to try set some road running up as well though I think. Oh well see how it goes when I'm there haha. Though I will make use of the beach as you mentioned :D. As for rewarding myself well I'm more of a material person myself lol I'd reward myself by getting myself a new shiney thing (Gadgets normally but not phones, those things annoy me)