Gym supplements and drug testing

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Officer Recruiting' started by **CuNnInG StUnT **, Jan 26, 2012.

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  1. I'm looking at taking some gym Supps, all legal and above board.

    The supplement in question is SD Matrix ( anabolic in nature but not an illegal steroid ) On various gym forums it says the product is legal and will pass army screenings.However I am reluctant to trust the gym monkeys biased opinion. Am I being over cautious in airing on the side of caution and staying clear or should I crack on?

    Anyone got any pearls of wisdom on the matter ?

    Much Obliged.

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  2. Eat normal healthy food, you don't need to waste money on such stuff.
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  3. I would suggest that any suppliment might have one of two outcomes, either no effect and so you have wasted your money, or they might have some ingredient the get you in trouble and so you will waste your life.

    Anyway why try and cheat your way to fitness, eat/drink well and train properly. That will definately do the trick, no wasted money, no wasted life.
  4. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    I'm afraid I'm another one who doesn't understand this modern fad for buying fitness. Just train, eat decent food and rest. The knack lies in getting the balance right.
  5. A lot you can't store and just piss and shit it away.
  6. Pro-hormones have a lot of negative side effects. You'll put quite a bit of size on with them (assuming your training and diet is nailed) but lose much of it once off cycle. They're quite hard on the liver as well. Hope you've got a post cycle recovery plan as well as SD will shut you down.
  7. Yeah for some it's a hard pill to swallow ( apologies for the pun ) but for many others its an easy sell .
    I mean it didn't do Sly Stallone any harm , he's over 50 and just about still going . ( granted after several rounds of dialysis )
  8. If your goal is to get massive then crack on, although the increase in testosterone may come up on a cdt and you could be asked for a retest. If the manufacturer says it is above board then it is, or you'll have a bloody good excuse. The pros and cons of these supplements can be discussed endlessly, I tend to find a shit load of protein and a few BCAA and the like do the trick quite well. Don't forget you still need to pass PFTs....
  9. Testosterone levels aren't screened on CDT.

  10. Yes - Don't take it. What you gain (which is mainly water retention anyway) will fade as soon as you stop - also when on some supplements you may feel that you can train longer and harder - this is a myth - its simply the supplement slowing down the build up of lactic acid which is the body's way of saying "stop".

    Loads of pasta (carbs) and tuna (protein) washed down by at least three litres of water a day and plenty of rest between workouts will work wonders
  12. The comparison to sly was purely for jests , however I think you could be onto something with the infamous mr moat !
  13. Just as well, or half the bints in the Army would be slung out.
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  14. I think Moat was unhinged anyway. There are literally tens of thousands of people on gear in Britain all year round but we don't see them going on a rampage killing people. Most that do (like Derek Bird) have never touched steroids. They do make many more aggressive than normal though, especially those with an aggressive nature in the first place. Basically if your'e a cock you'll be an even bigger one on gear.
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  15. Get a nice Winstral/Anavar mix down your neck, lasting gains, gets the weight off if your a porker and easy on the liver (and no libido loss)

    Pm me, I'll hook a brother up ....