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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by viceroy, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. I do gym daily (though you would not believe it if you met me). Anyway, there are only so many songs on my ipod that I can shuffle during my exercise. I am fine during my cardio, watching video podcasts, light stuff, as I don't struggle too much. What I am looking for is a list or three of songs to pump iron that will keep me going. Looked at podcasts, itunes etc, its all shit. Did the genius thingy, did not work me either. Can you share your playlists (not cardio please, just what you use for weights and perhaps sparring please), here are mine:

    TNT - ACDC
    Tunderstruck - ACDC
    DJ Artek - Master Aerobic Workout 130+bpm
    Janie's got a gun - Aerosmith
    Give it Away - Red hot chili peppers
    boy does nothing - alesha nixon (mmmmmmm....)
    Poison - Alice Cooper
    Way I Are - Timbaland (don't ask, he is a mong, I know)
    Photograh - Nickelback
    Rockstar - Nickelback
    Dare - Gorillaz
    In the Army now - Status Quo (all habbits die hard)
    Bring me to life - evanesence
    Eye of the tiger - Survivor
    Skull and crossbones - Pirates of the caribbean
    call on me - Eric Prydz
    Ready for war - 50 cent
    Meet me halfway - Black Eyed Peas
    Pump it - Black Eyed Peas
    I gotta a feeling - Black Eyed Peas
    I like the way you move - bodyrockers
    walk of life - brothers in arms
    animal heart - glass tiger (showing my age here)
    behind these hazel eyes - kelly clarkson
    Jump - Madonna
    Jump - Van Halen
    I was made for lovin you - KISS
    Family Affair - Mary J. Blige
    blvd of broken dreams - green day
    self control - laura branigan (again, showing age)
    Burning heart - survivor
  2. When I go to the gym I like listening to the screams of young women, as I walk through their changing rooms/showers with my proud schlong standing to attention.
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  3. That is not helpful and you have shlort, not a shlong. I know, you know, everyone knows.
  4. ipod eh, your not ex RN by any chance? ;-) Pehaps you should try "In the Navy" by YMCA :)
  5. The eminem lil wayne isn't for me tbh, I am too old for this shit. The second track could work, will download that although not loving it tbh. Who would have thought that at 36 I am so 'out of it'.
  6. At 36, you are indeed "out of it." Have a word with yourself!
  7. True. I'd still have you in a fight though!
  8. The Prodigy, Diesel Power

    Pendulum - Slam
  9. A fight to the grave by the sounds of it :)
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