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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rowums, Jan 11, 2006.

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  1. I'm not proud of this but, I don't have work today so i'm sitting here drinking a nice brew and watching ahem Lorraine Kelly. Now what's bothering me is that they are doing a piece on what to wear to the gym i.e what's in style this season. Does this strike no-one else as odd? Firstly the clothes don't actually look like you'll be doing anything in them other than standing around and maybe using the sauna. Is this what the world has become, that you can't go to the gym and workout without looking 'with it' less you should become a figure of ridicule? :roll:
  2. What kind of saunas do you use?

    Edited cos I am a mong
  3. No doubt they were all Lycra clad?? Remember, Lycra is not a right!!

    Anyway Rowums, firstly why are you not working, and secondly if not you should be using your spare time to pump some iron in the gym!!!
  5. It's my day off. I can't go to the gym now, I just wont feel 'with it' anymore. And no they weren't lyrca (which just between you and me, might be what is really bothering me :wink: ).
  7. I never realised that there was Gym fashion. Has the world gone quite mad? Dark blue Arrse t shirt and tracksters. SOP.
  9. My colleague went to the gym the other day and used the steam room. He'd sat back, relaxing with his eyes closed. He heard someone come in, but didn't look until he heard some strange noises.
    He opened his eyes and peering through steam sees two fat,hairy middle aged blokes- one t*ssing off his mate while doing same to himself. Friend was going to lamp them but thought better of it and went to complain at the desk instead.
    Bird on the desk calmly picks up a walkie talkie and says to her boss that the poofters are ski-ing in the steam room again.
  10. Pike,

    What your colleague forgot to mention is that it took him a good few minutes to decide what to do - by then, the two Irons in questiion were 'coming' under the finishing banner!!!!!

    Watch your back!
  11. According to girls I know, just shorts and a T-shirt is what they expect a guy to wear to the gym. Anyone worrying about Gym Fashion doesn't go to the sodding gym I can almost garuntee it
  12. T-shirt and very short short (the liner has perished,Lynn I'm popping out)
  13. Gym wear ? There's 2 options: 1. screwed up t-shirt dragged out of the bottom of your day sack and a pair of mankey old rugby shorts, or 2. issue blue shorts, red t-shirt and daps.

    I suppose Lorraine didn't mention the scrot-rot gained from wearing this kit ?
  14. I think this is quite an appropriate look for the Gym. Who agress...??

  15. Ooohhh he's a sweet boy isn't he!!!!!!!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: