Gym or not to gym?

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by flowers, Oct 17, 2005.

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  1. Having started at a new company my boss wants to pay for gym membership for me at a verrrry swanky gym. So I tootled off to try said swanky gym, but found within the first 10mins I was completely bored, and it was my first visit! 8O
    I didn't want to seem ungrateful since the gym was lovely and hi-tech but I got the feeling it was more about the 'body beautiful' than bursting a lung and getting ultra fit. As I tried to explain this to my boss he said that gyms and all exercise in general is about getting a good body. I agreed but only in the principal that to get a good body is more a result of a fully functioning fit one. Anyway I digress...

    So should I bite the bullet and do the gym work, it's free and I get to use a pool and maybe some weights, or do I keep doing my own thing (running, cycling & the odd plyometrics session)?

    Really my point is can I gain something extra from doing the gym memberhip that I can't do on my own (in an infinitely more interesting environment outside!) ??

    P.S Plus there are NO good looking men there! :p
  2. A free pool and free weights, take it.
    You’re not committed to going regularly so why not stick to you normal fitness routine and use the gym when you’re in the mood for something different.
  3. Ahhh I should have mentioned that Goku, that is one of the things he said that I should use it regularly or it's not worth it. Fair enough, as it's his £85 a month.

    Your suggestion is what I would have done, but he did mention he'd want me to use it regularly. (He goes alot too!)

    Maybe I am just being tempted by the freebie and really I should just do a Grange Hill drugs special and 'Just say NO!' :-D
  4. I think your boss just wants to **** you.
  5. Free gym and pool - you're bloody lucky, mate. My employer would'nt even give us a pool table in the staff canteen, never mind membership to a swimming pool!
    Seriously, why not just combine the gym wwork with your own training e.g. run to the gym. That way you get a good run and then a weights session.
  6. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

    ..Hmmm.....alternatively this may be his overly subtle way of telling you to shape up and lose weight BEFORE he'll **** you..... :lol:

    Having said that Flowers, I can't find your winsome image in the Gallery under 'The Truth Behind The Username' so who am I to go for it girl! ;-)

    Le Chevre (overweight, underthatched and over 'ere)
  7. I think it must be a win win situation, free gym, potential for easy s*x and potential promotion of you do it right!
  8. Goaty I'll offer to do a work out with you, then you can judge for yourself!! :)
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer

  10. I'd say make use of it it's a bargain plus:

    Free swimming pool. We all know how great swimming is.
    Use the row machine and again, like someone said (Goku?) run to the gym, then you're combining you're training.
    Gym weights will help you target specific muscles, but not fitness so rowing and swimming sounds like it would suit you. Although I don't know you from Adam I'm just responding to your post.

    Also sounds like your boss wants to * you. Why not milk it and see if you can get him to pay your rent or buy you a ferrari? (No metaphor intended)
  11. Personally I reckon gyms are dull as f*** - much rather get out in the fresh air for a run or a bike ride. If you want to work your upper bod do a circuit with press ups, tricep dips on a park bench etc. Also consider doing ten minutes or so on a skipping rope at the beginning and end of your run - jumping rope is the best kept fitness secret going and once you're good at it looks rock :wink:
  12. You are very Lucky Enid !
    I wish my boss paid for my gym fees :roll:

    Are you planning to get fit in order to persue a military career ?
  13. You are very Lucky Enid !
    I wish my boss paid for my gym fees :roll:

    Are you planning to get fit in order to persue a military career ?