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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tank_Mech, May 16, 2007.

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  1. My current employment doesn't allow me to use a military establishment gym. At present I have to pay for a civvy gym membership. Does anyone know the rules and regs on this and if I can claim my fees back. Please nop sarcastic comments on 'A' mechs and gyms :roll:
  2. I'm moving this to the RHQ forum where you stand a better chance of a semi-sensible answer

    (Once the slagging dies down that is...)
  3. Very unlikely as regulars posted as to TA units as PSIs have the same problem.
  4. Don't be so ridiculous. This falls in the same category as claiming back tax on haircuts!! :roll:
  5. Appropriate user name for this this thread. The Army just ticks along with people like you! Please wear your hrlmet in the proper fashion as not to damage what miniscule brain you have fella :)
  6. As there is no military swimming pool at Herford, the gym staff were able to give out tickets for the local pool at a value of about 6 Euros each. I don't know what budget the money came out of to pay for these but someone must have authorised it.

    Perhaps the same thing can be done at your unit regarding gym sessions or even full membership??? Tell the CoC you're starting to get fat but can't afford the membership yourself so it is in their best interests to splash out for you.
  7. My camp hasn't got a cinema. Can I get free tickets to see Pirates of the Caribbean??
  8. Does your going to see Pirates of the Caribean help the service in any way? No I don't think so but a soldier being fit and healthy does.