Gym God in court for slur on Kenyan policeman

A British Army officer on Wednesday denied assaulting a senior police officer and using derogatory words against him.

He is alleged to have called the officer a “black monkey."

David Robins was arraigned before Kibera senior principal magistrate Grace Nzioka under tight security.

But the army man denied two charges of assault and creating a disturbance. He was released on a Sh50,000 bond with a surety of similar amount.

Mrs Nzioka also ordered Mr Robins, attached to Kifaru Barracks, to deposit his passport with the court. The case will be heard on March 16.

The prosecutor, chief inspector Francis Ndiema told the court on January 5 at Parklands Ojijo Roundabout, Nairobi, that the Briton unlawfully assaulted the Officer in-charge of Parklands (OCS), Chief Inspector Stephen Okal.

The court heard that at the time of the said assault the OCS was acting in due of execution of his duty.

Another charge stated that the accused created disturbance in a manner likely to cause a breach of the peace by using racist remarks “ monkey” to Mr Okal at the time of execution of his duty.

The police claims that the accused was driving on the wrong side on Limuru road towards the roundabout when he was stopped only to hurl abuse at the police.

In another incident in neighbouring Tanzania last December, a Canadian diplomat was recalled after he spat at a policeman directing traffic on a busy intersection.

Tanzanian media reported that 'angered' by a traffic jam, the envoy opened his car window and spat at the policeman.

The Foreign ministry said the incident was a humiliation, not just to the police officer but the entire country as well. 8O

OOOOOOOOPS i hope the PT god will be ok in the Niarobi prison
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