Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by GNR40, May 4, 2009.

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  1. Can someone help please? I am posted to the TA and I have heard that as there is no gymnasium at the unit I am going to, I can join a civvy gym and get an allowance? Is this correct and would anyone know which form(s) to use. I'm in the 'Stan at the moment hence the question appearing on ARRSE. Thanks in advance.
  2. ta pay me up to 4 days pay a month for going to gym,
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Surely you mean 1/4 days pay?
  4. MSR; As this one pops up regularly in various forms, are there regs governing TA pay for phys or is it COs discretion?
    Round my way we get a days pay for passing a PFT but I've spoken to other units who get a 1/4 day a week automaticaly (with the caveat that should they fail a PFT, all hell would break loose) and others who sign on if they are using their unit gym.

    Just wondering.
  5. When i was attached to a TA unit, with no gym facilities, we were not given any allowance for gym membership and had to pay ourselves. The arguement being that we are only expected to be able to run and do sit ups and press ups, for which we didn't need a gym.

    Our arguement that we would normally have access to these facilities at our regular unit made no difference to the outcome.

    The swimming bit got no where either as so long as you have passed your MST at least once, you would not be expected to do it again unless deploying.
  6. There was a bit of a argument not so long ago when a regular wrote into the soldier magazine asking the same thing (the soldier didn't have military gym facilities). Some Lt-Colonel wrote back saying you don't need a gym to pass your mandatory tests.

    There was this as well

    Its not just the TA that go without.
  7. Well it is a tricky one. On one side the aforementioned Lt Col is quite right - we can just go running, however from a stab point of view, our reg counterparts do get paid for PT much more than we do.

    I think the fairest solution would be 1 days pay/month dependent upon passing a pft every two months.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    I've not seen anything in writing and suspect that it is a local policy.

    However the question being asked here is what provision is made for regulars who are posted to a TA unit - and I have no idea about that.

  9. In that we are only paid when we have signed in, whereas the regular is being paid 24/7 and has considerably more organised PT. Should a PSI decide to use unit gym facilities then they would indeed be being paid whilst doing so. As I stated before there are some units who have this system for their reservists which to my mind is perhaps a bit much.
    Yes, bounty is sufficient to cover gym membership however should it be used to pay for something that is a requirement of efficiency? Without opening the same old can of worms, the bounty is an award for achieving the required attendance and efficiency standards (and is a de facto compensation for lack of pension provision).
    That arguement would apply to the original poster; His/her pay would no doubt cover gym membership.
  10. Oh jesus E-Layer now you've really done it. Next we'll have TA threads asking is there an allowance for hair cuts and why they don't get paid for the electricity used to wash/iron kit. :roll:
  11. I am not sure where you have got the impression that I "feel I need extra pay" from.

    The original post was about the existence of an allowance to cover gym fees. All I have done is raised the fact that there are many different systems throughout the TA that deal with this issue and that perhaps a TA wide policy would be helpful and have suggested a solution.

    Given that (as already stated) in my unit we are entitled to a days pay if we pass a PFT, I don't have any issues at all, however (as already stated) some units do in fact get extra pay for phys if they do it at their unit and some get 12 extra MTDs a year. Frankly this my issue not the other way round.
    Also (as already stated) you don't need access to a gym to pass a PFT, I accept the fact the £50 a month I pay for gym membership is my choice,

    Yes, personal pride is the main motivation in everything I do re the army, which is why I am such a part time warrior god.
  12. No need Halo. It's all tax deductable. :wink:
  13. Jeez, it seems I opened a right old can of worms there. Thanks to all who replied. Looks like I will have to run everywhere, do situps and press ups at home (wherever that will be as there are no quarters (any advice on THAT one welcome)) and get bored out of my skull doing repetetive phys in order to pass a PFT. Whatever happened to variety being the spice of life for f*cks sake. Still, at least I now know so thanks again :0)