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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jan_van_Riebeek, Apr 30, 2008.

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  1. Hey guys

    Just come back from my CMS(R) two weeks. There were people from all over the country on it. Quite a number of them (from different units and areas) said that you can claim 1/4 night per week for going to exercise (i.e. keeping fit). So over the month you get to claim one day in total to go towards gym costs etc.

    Has anyone heard of this? Although I havent asked my unit about it (yet), its not as if anyone volunteered the info. It could be that few people know about it, or that it doesnt exist for my unit. One of the girls was from the same Bde but different regiment as me, perhaps different regiments authorise different allowances??


    *EDIT* Sorry didnt make this clear originally, this is not a drill night used for PT, but you off doing you own stuff by yourself, but still claiming for it.
  2. We all pile down to our TAC on a Thursday night for PT. This is a training night therefore we get paid for it, although a lot of us train other nights as well. Just like a drill night, if we don't rock up we don't get paid.
  3. If you fail your MATTs do you have to pay it back?
  4. I've never had to cross that bridge :) but then again it's only the fitter guys in the troop which take part anyway.
  5. Which is a shame really. Surely those with a lesser fitness ability should have more reason to be there?

    My unit runs PT Every Wed night before the Parade night. Those that turn up get half a days pay those that don't... Well don't.
  6. Always the way. Regs are no different.
  7. Do you get a whole days pay for rocking up for a few hours?
  8. Not on that system myself, but I imagine it'll be a 1/4 days pay for one session a week, adding up to basically a days pay per month.
  9. No mate i meant for a drill night thingy.

    Edited to add sorry off topic.
  10. Same score, 1/4 days pay, adding up to 1 days pay a month.
  11. Oh thats a bit cack.
  12. We get 1/2 a day if we come in for PT (1/4 for PT and 1/4 for the actual drill night)
  13. msr

    msr LE

  14. MSR

    Thanks for that link to the FAQ, havent seen that before. FYI I would like to make it clear that I do all my own fitness anyway, it was more a question of whether there was some payoff against gym costs, as in the regs you would have a free gym on base. It did seem to be mostly guys down south (meaning south of the border i.e. England and even then mostly SE England) who were getting this allowance.

    Yes you may say that you dont need a gym, but I could argue that point depending on what you goals are :)