Gym at Shrivenham


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Does anyone know if I would be able to use the gym at Shrivenham? Or is it restricted to people on course/based there?
It's just round the corner from where I live, so would be quite convenient.

A contact number would be helpful.




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The JSCSC building is like Fort Knox and I reckon you've got 2 hopes of getting access to use the gym. Ring the main Def Ac Guardroom for the number of the Station Gym, you might have better luck there.


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Many thanks for help - looking forward to more info...

Napier: will wait out for Darth to get back to me and see what he comes up with.
Just left RMCS. We weren't allowed to use JSCSC gym so I doubt you will.
The civvie lecturers and staff (and dependants) were allowed to use the Def Ac. gym, but I doubt that you will be able to if you have no access to the camp. If you are military or a dependant, and therefore have access to the camp, you just need to speak to the QMSI to get an induction.

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