I was on GYH(P). and got £165 last year every month.
Just looked at my pay statement for this month I am on GYH(M) and got £48.
Anyone know why?
I am on the over 37's and am MU.

I am on a weeks leave and dont want to phone the office at my expense.

Sound's like a screw up to me mate. I'm O37 and MU but my GYH is fine. Definately one for the admin office. Really easy for them to see what your on (i.e mileage) and sort out as long as it is post 1 Apr! Did your April pay look right? Problem we have as HR is we don't get hard copies of the pay statements anymore, and trying to look at everybody's pay statements on JPA takes forever.
April's GYH was fine.....
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