I have my own privately maintained home which is 165 miles away from my SFA which I live in with my family. JSP 752 says I am eligible for GYH if my qualifiing residence is empty more than 50 miles away and I can travel to it at standdown periods,leave,weekends. 05.205. But in the ineligible service personnel section 05,0212 it says,

Service personnel are ineligible for payment of GYH Travel when: Travelling daily from a RWA, the family home or privately maintained property, to their permanently assigned or detached duty station.

So I have been told I am not eligible for GYH because I travel to work every day from my SFA which is my resident work address. and I am not separated from my immediate family.

In contrast a single soldier I work with who lives in the block is entitled to claim for his house even though it may be no where near any of his family

Can anyone clarify this a bit better for my poor brain to understand.
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