Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by parsnips, Jul 11, 2007.

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  1. Could some one in the pay world help me out here.

    I have a privately maintained property. which i partially own and i have partial responsibility for the council tax (my name is on the bill along wth my partners)

    the property is more than 50 miles from my barracks, where i live in SLA. now i have read the new guide to allowances for service personal and jsp 752 and i believe i am entitled to GYH travel.

    there seems to be some confusion within my admin staff, Apparently the property needs to be empty. but i have not seen this rule written any where. and because my partner lives there. then i'm not entilted to make the claim.

    could some please help me out here am i entilted to the claim or not
  2. I'm not a pay guru by any means but as far as I can see the property does not need to be empty as it has to be the family home or a privately maintained property. If you are in SLA there should not be a problem. I suggest you speak to your admin staff and ask them to point out the reason why they won't pay it and where they've got that information from.
  3. The book says that if you TRAVEL daily from your RWA then you are not entitled to GYH (T), it also states that if you are in SFA you cannot claim, however, as you live in SLA and you part own a home with your partner, and your partner lives in said property, outside of the 50 mile radius of an RWA, I would say that you were entitled to GYH (T), I will get you Chapter and Verse.


  4. Here you are, the extract from JSP 752:

    05.0204. Qualifying Residence. The QRes for the purpose of GYH Travel must be one of the following:

    a. The Family Home.

    b. Privately Maintained Property.

    c. Residence at Work Address (RWA), but only in circumstances outlined at paragraphs 05.0210 and 05.0213.


    05.0205. General. All Service personnel (including Reserve personnel, but not , Sponsored Reserves and Cadet Force Adult Volunteers) will be eligible to claim GYH Travel, subject to meeting all of the following general criteria:

    a. The QRes is more than 50 miles from the Service person’s duty station. However, where the Service person has a family home or privately maintained property within 50 miles of their duty station, but their duties or the travel to work time preclude them from travelling daily from that property, authority to claim GYH Travel may be exceptionally granted by the JPAC Pay and Allowances Casework Cell (PACC).

    b. The nature of their duties permits them to travel to their family home/privately maintained property at weekends and normal stand down periods.

    05.0206. Permanent Assignments. Service personnel will be eligible to be paid GYH Travel from their permanent assignment unit to their family home or privately maintained property, providing they continue to meet the eligibility at paragraph 05.0205.


  5. I've had this very question several times and the RAO looked into it for me. Your name is on the council tax bill so you are entitled to claim GYH mileage, which should roughly equate to two return journeys per month.
  6. cheers for that!!!

    i thought i was i just wanted to be sure, is there anyone in the same situation who is been paid it?
  7. I've started this allowance for several of the people I look after.

    Hope your admin office get it sorted out for you soon.
  8. well my admin staff are insistented that i'm not entitled. if you have processed the claim for others could you tell me where to get the info from

  9. See my previous post and the extract from JSP 752, seems prety clear to me.
  10. and its clear to me to but apparently not to the pay guru's

    any way i'll take it higher i think but thanks for the advice
  11. Parsnips, quote em chapter and verse, if that don't work I would suggest that you pay a visit to your Bde SPS Branch and get their interpretation (not that it needs interpretation), don't forget to tell em what your RAO said, I am a clerk and I have put this to my lot and we all come to the same conclusion, strange that they do not. Good luck.
  12. Tell them that they are incorrect and that you are entitled to GYH(M). I have found on occasion several establishments that have started to interpret their own rules quite incorrectly. You need to get hold of the JPA leaflet that explains it all qutie clearly for the layman.
  13. I know sometimes the rules can be a bit ambiguous, but this one seems clear as a bell.
  14. :( still no further forward on this claim. No one at my unit can give me an answer. slighty frustrating as it seems perfectly clear to me.